What a pur-fect Christmas it was…

This was our kitten’s first Christmas and she loved every minute of the day. From helping to unwrap the presents (hers and ours) to playing with her new toys, wrapping paper and ribbons.

CleoCleo finding a fluffy mouse from underneath the wrapping paper.


You just cannot get better than a comfy bed with three duvets and four toy mice.

AngelA very contented looking Angel.


Our son came to visit over Christmas so it was an extra special time for us. He likes to keep fit and trim and only gained a few pounds in weight over the week which is brilliant, he thought it would be more. I have a tendency to over feed just a bit!

Mairie in Daglan.Mairie de Daglan.


The fourteenth century Church of St. Martin.

Church of St. Martin.I love the decorations on the church this year.


Hoping that you all had a brilliant holiday and Bonne Annee to everyone from the village of Daglan.

29th December Sarlat Organic Night market.
31st December Sarlat morning Truffle Market from 9 until 12.
14th and 15th January Sarlat Truffle Festival in the Medieval Quarter.

A real tree or not a real tree that is the question!

We or rather I decided on a real tree for Christmas. “It would not be the same without a real tree “, I said. Paul however did point out that we had a new addition to our family this year, a four month old kitten, who loves to collect anything that is sparkly and has a ribbon attached. A prized collection which she stashes underneath my bed for later use. So far she has my beads, ribbons, Christmas paper, toys, glossy paper bags and string.

O.K, plan A, decorate the tree and see what happens or plan B decorate the tree, remove it to the balcony and clean up the mess.

A cautious plan A.
That's so mineCleo loves the tree but a little too much. “That’s so mine…”

Paul and I placed the baubles onto the tree while Cleo being helpful as ever tried to take them off. I did have a vision of a bare tree and Cleo sitting proudly, surrounded by baubles. However, after a few “no” accompanied by the pointing of the naughty finger Cleo calmed down. She still has a sneaky go now and again when she thinks she can get away with it but so far we have not had to resort to plan B, bless her she is so good.

Cleo and AngelCleo and Angel watching the supermarket being decorated.

brilliant with its gold bows and ribbonThe supermarket looks brilliant with its gold bows and ribbon.

 Joyeux NoëlJoyeux Noël from Daglan.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

…everywhere you go.

Here are just a few of my favourite things in Sarlat. First of course is the Patisserie, Chocolater shop called Roland Mertz, which is to be found on Rue de la République in Sarlat. Everything that you want to eat or rather should not eat is here.

Patisserie Roland MertzMouth watering delicious display of everything naughty but nice for a Christmas treat.

Chocolate fixOur breakfast stop at the above shop, to indulge ourselves with steaming hot chocolate or coffee and pastries. I think that they may have made a slight mistake with mine, they served what seemed to be a soup bowel of hot chocolate. So warming and delicious.

Sarlat Tourisme OfficeSarlat Tourisme Office, seasonally decorated with festive window displays featuring Russian dolls

Red CarpetThe decorations on this shop are brilliant, with its own red carpet and it also has Russian dolls in the window.

Msocow this wayJust a few signs to let you know how far it is to Moscow, St Petersburg etc. and of course, the Christmas market

We will be posting our last blog before the Christmas break in a few days time.

Doctor Zhivargo comes to Sarlat!

Sarlat Christmas Market.

The Christmas market in Sarlat consists of about forty chalets, all offering artisan products from Christmas decorations, toys, paintings, candy, macaroons, chocolate, scarves, hats to beer, mulled wine, snacks and more. Our first visit to the market was last Thursday but I am sure that there will be more. I love Christmas and the Christmas market in Sarlat fills me, and I am sure many others, with joy. This year the Christmas market and indeed the Medieval Quarter and the main streets all have a Russian theme, which looks brilliant.

Entrance to Sarlat Christrmas MarketEntrance to the market along the red carpet, which is to be found in the main car park in Sarlat. The Commune have spent over a month getting the car park transformed into a winter wonderland.

Russian Winter sledgeRussian Winter sledge which brought back memories of the film Doctor Zhivargo, I could just picture myself sitting wrapped up snug and warm alongside Hugh Jackman. I know he was not in the film but a girl can dream.

Russian dolls I love this collection of Russian dolls for sale, such vivid colours.

Fresh baked PretzelsFresh baked Pretzels, oh my another temptation, trying to loose a few pound before Christmas has never been so hard, I think that I will leave the diet until the New Year!

Artisan potteryAll hand made pots in different colours.

St PetersburgSt Petersburg back drop in the centre of the Market.

There is also a large ice skating rink for all ages and of course Father Christmas is to be found at the entrance. The market is open until the 30th December.

The illumination of Daglan

We were asked to take a few more pictures of our lovely village decked out in lights for Christmas. To be honest it did not take much encouragement for my cameraman Paul to take a stroll around the village taking pictures. Daglan looks like a wonderland of colour due to the effort of our Maire Pascal Dussol and the Commune.

on the outskirts of DaglanJust on the outskirts of Daglan, gorgeous.


Our MairieOur Mairie, the lights bring out the golden colour of the stone work.


santa's reindeerA close up of the reindeer pulling Santa’s sledge which is perched in a tree outside La Petit Paris Restaurant.


Santa up a treeNot a brilliant picture I think that we need more practice or a better camera, but you can make out the tree, sledge with Santa and reindeer.


bonnes fetesBonne Fetes.


Next blog – Sarlat Christmas Market in fact it could be two blogs, lots of pictures needless to say it is wonderful.