Nouveau Brocante.

It is always great to see a new shop being opened in Daglan and this one is no exception. If you have been to Daglan before you may have visited the hat shop in the village. Sorry to say that it closed down recently. However, we now have a brocante to take its place. Which is run by Beatrice who lives in Daglan and who you may have seen at the market selling her gorgeous Capim Dourado (golden grass) jewelry.

The Brocante is opposite the Château on the Rue de la Republique, the main road that meanders through the village.

Once inside you are greeted by Beatrice who will show you around or you can tour around the various antiques yourself. First for me was the jewelry which can be found on the left as you enter the building. Very nice indeed and at a good price.

Chairs, tables, brass ornaments and lamps are on the right.

A very unusual dancing ballerina in a bottle caught my eye.

Vintage clothes, shoes etc. are at the back of the brocante.

Plus, as an extra bonus you can order cold drinks and sit outside in the garden to enjoy.

Well worth a look or two.

Summer In Our Village.

A few months ago when Paul and I where planting seed potatoes in pots in our courtyard I thought how good it was to live here. Spring was in the air, leaves and buds on our apple tree were starting to show themselves. The birds were singing as we walked to the the river Ceou about five minutes away. Spending our lives in a relatively small area without seeing our friends and family did not occur to me.

It all changed here due to the outbreak of Covid 19 just like England and other places around the world. One of the hardest changes was being isolated from family, friends and people in general. The French are very tactile and love to meet and greet people with a kiss on both cheeks and a hug, which we have adopted and love. Our food shopping habits had also changed, no self respecting French person would dream of buying fresh produce without looking, feeling and smelling the produce on offer. These are just a few of the simple pleasures that I have missed.

As the restrictions started to be lifted France was divide into different colour zones with the lifting of restrictions being delayed in orange zones. Perigord, being in the green zone made us very lucky indeed. Although we still had keep to social distancing guidelines, wearing of face masks and disinfecting everything in sight we were able to go outside to the newly re-opened Sunday market.

Now, my goodness we can talk to people (social distancing and masks of course) and it feels so good to just ask how they are, how have they been copying over the last few months etc.

This morning, just inside our gate, I discovered a present of lavender from our friends who recently arrived back at their Daglan home after several months in Germany. The perfume is gorgeous, thank you so much.

Daglan in bloom. Our new pink and white roses are next to our apple tree which looks like a good crop this year.

I love the courtyard of a friend of ours, it is always full of flowers of every description.

La Petit Paris is open for outside eating with the metre distancing restriction in place. So book early in order to insure a table.

Summer flowers adorn La Cantine, all ready to welcome you for lunchtime in the sunshine.

Bon appetit

Proxi Super

It has been all change at the village supermarket this week. Sadly first to go was the lovely paintings on the front windows of the 8 à Huit supermarket, which I did hope would be replaced by another outstanding masterpiece of the village. But no new artworks…

…and then a new name appeared.

A picture showing the work area and one of the window, now without artwork
You can just see the old 8 à Huit sign at the top right of the picture.

The supermarket stocks a good range of foodstuffs and domestic products including Bio items which I like to purchase for the vegetarian options and organic qualities.

New sign at the left of the door lists the services that the supermarket provide.

Due to corronavirud restrictions only five people are allowed into the supermarket at a time and at the entrance a table has been provided for hand sanitizer jel for use before you collect a basket or trolley. To reduce the chance of infection the handling fresh produce is off limits to shoppers so it is picked for you by Christian or Viginie. Social distancing rules are being observed and masks are recommended.

The new windows look really stylish

I must praise Christian and Virginie who arrive at the supermarket at six to half past everyday to insure that every basket, trolley, shelf etc. is cleaned before they open for customers.

Well done to you both for keeping the supermarket open and safe through this strange time that we are all living through. You two are village heroes.

Christian proudly showing the new name and opening hours signs.

Event:-don’t forget that the Daglan market is now open every Sunday morning.

Good News.

There is a possibility that there will be a gradual easing of the lock down in France from the 11th May. It’s not set in stone because it could change if there is an increase in people becoming ill and/or dying of the virus. But I am staying hopeful. We will of course need to remain careful, social distancing and the wearing of face masks would still be prudent.

The Marie De Daglan has placed a first order of 100 face masks from our hat maker (La Petite Minoche) in the village which will be distributed in due course. The Marie, his team and the commune have shown great support for the people of the community. Collecting shopping, medication and taking garbage for people over the age of seventy or who are having difficulty.

Stylish alternative face masks.


Other good news is that the town hall secretariat and the post office are now open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9 till 12. Also the hairdresser in the village reopens on the 11th May by appointment only.

The Boulangerie and the Supermarket have been brilliant throughout this lock down. Staying open with no cutting down of opening hours has been brilliant.

More good news, the restaurants in the village La Cantine and Le Petit Paris are open for take away food. Just phone and place an order.

And now… a few pictures which I hope will make you smile

A gorgeous canopy of wisteria.


Just one of the many blossoms on our apple tree. We only had a few apples last year but this year should be a good crop.


If flowers do not make you smile this picture of Angel will.

Cats are masters of relaxation.


You can follow the instructions to make your own masks.


Stay safe and healthy.

The Massive Clean Up.

or – What to do when you are in lock down.

I do not think that our home and garden have ever looked so tidy and clean. That is saying something from the person who has OCD and normally cleans for three or four hours each day. However with the threat of the virus descending upon us I felt that more cleaning and disinfecting was needed. I know, cabin fever can get people that way.

First step, everything removed from the kitchen cupboards, surfaces scrubbed and disinfected. The same treatment for the fridge and the tile floors steam cleaned.


In the mean time Paul first power washed the veranda, then the courtyard, the lane beside our house, then the pavement in front of our house and the Boulangerie. Constantly checking for passers by so he could give them plenty of room to pass.

Paul power washing the lane.


Next came the utility room. The floor definitely needed attention it had not been repainted for several years. The first problem was that DIY stores are not among the shops sanctioned to be open during the lock-down so the floor paint was ordered through Amazon. While waiting for the delivery Paul set to work cleaning and preparing the floor.

Before, scuffed and dingy looking.


He sectioned off the utility room from the office to paint them separately. This was a good plan due to our cat Angel who wants to investigate everything. Paw prints sounded good to me!

The paint arrived the office floor painted and the mandatory cardboard wall was erected to deter Angel. Then came the utility room.

A lot of work but it looks so good when completed.

After, The completed utility room floor looking so much better.


The French President has announced that the lock-down will remain in place until May 11th, following which will follow a gradual easing of the restrictions. So another month of lock, down is left to clean?

Stay safe and healthy everyone.