To end the year

Just a few of our favourite Perigord photographs

At this time of year I always look back on the year and reflect on our time in the Perigord. So I thought that it would be nice to end the year with a few of my favourite photographs.

Magical Domme rising above the mist

Magical Domme, rising above the mist

Musicians outside the Cathedral in Sarlat

Musicians outside Saint-Sacerdos Cathedral in Sarlat

Strictly Come Dancing in Daglan

Our home and Paul looking like he is practising for Strictly Come Dancing

Bathed in sunlight

Church of St. Martin bathed in sunlight

I know, not French but so cute

I know, not French but so cute
our Angel having a stretch and a large yawn, on the bed

I am having a break from the blog for Christmas, so a Very Happy Christmas and New Year and Thank You so much for reading and following our blog it does mean a lot. I will blog again in January.

Joyeux Noel to everyone

Sarlat market for a Joyeux Noel

Christmas in France really is an opportunity to celebrate the sentiment of vive la difference. The festive season does not start in August as it seems to in some UK stores but December and is less protracted than in England. It also seems to capture a traditional element which has not been seen in England for some time, with decorations, markets and community events throughout France, it is a special time to visit.

The markets originated and developed as a source of ingredients for the cooks of rural France, who would spend much of the two weeks before Christmas preparing and baking typical local festive dishes for the Revellion, (Christmas Eve Feast). Today Christmas markets are loaded with atmosphere, with wonderful smells, sights and sounds combined to offer everything that one needs for Christmas.

A very good example is Sarlat market which has forty two chalets, all decorated with lights, which are set up around an outdoor ice skating ring. Selling fresh food; handcrafted gifts, cards, decorations, ornaments, clothes and mulled wine.

Christmas treats

Paul carrying the Christmas treats

Truffle Season

It is also the start of the winter truffle season with the truffle market being held in Sarlat every Saturday morning selling the famous black Perigordian Truffle. If you have never tasted the black truffle, try it you will be greatly surprised at the flavour. They look a little unappetising but if you put one with a few fresh eggs they will absorb the truffle aroma through their shells and make your omelettes divine, especially with small thin slices of truffle added on the top, delicious. Look for the smallest truffle to buy due to the fact that they can be extremely expensive, some are hundreds of euros each, while the small ones that we have bought are about ten to twenty euros each.

Truffle season.

Truffle season. Does not look great, but taste delicious.

Hidden gems of Domme

If you turn of the main street of Domme with all of the interesting shops, market and cafes, you come across some very interesting gems. We thought that we had seen most of Domme but we had not. If you go to the top of the main street to experience the terrific views of the surrounding area, then turn left and follow the wall you will come across a lovely park were you can sit and have a picnic.

This sign is to be found just outside the park area.

This sign is to be found close to the park area.

Turn first right from the main car park you travel down the slope of ‘rue del la Porte des Tours’, towards one of the main gates, which was the prison cells for the Knights Templar who were imprisoned there by Philip the Fair in 1307 until they died in 1318. On route to the Knights Templar prison cells, you will find a stone plaque with carved symbols of the cross which the Knights used to send messages and on the wall on the right you will find the code which they used. The crosses were carved into the walls of their cells with other graffiti.

Code and the code breaker.

Code and the code breaker.

I just had to take this picture of this beautiful house with its blue shutters and grapes dripping from the vine.

grapes dripping from the vine

grapes dripping from the vine

Back to Daglan after our visit to Domme and another hidden gem, our home is on this sign bottom right.

You can see our house from here

Daglan, You can see our house from here

After a long morning enjoying our walk around Domme it was time for lunch, so we stopped at Fabrice le Chef Boutique shop, for a delicious Thai fish curry with rice.

Fabrice le Chef

Fabrice le Chef
food Boutique, Thai fish curry