Tethered, a PSVR game by Secret Sorcery.

TetheredI just had to say that our son is awesome, he helped create this VR game. Tethered is a new virtual reality game by Secret Sorcery, where you take the role of a god overlooking the lands of the very adorable peeps.


The ultimate goal of the game is to free the spirit guardians of the thirteen islands by collecting spirit energy. There are many challenges in the form of helping the peeps gather the spirit energy and resources as well as fighting off monsters.

Being in virtual reality the peeps react to your every movement therefore creating realism in the game. You will also have sky objects such as the sun or clouds and buildings for peeps that will give you certain bonuses. Snow clouds that will give you armour, rain will re-grow crops, you can also gather clouds together to from thunder clouds.


So check the game out at https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/games/tethered-ps4/ for more information.

15032920_10157661661935368_786982290998809877_nOur son’s present from the bosses at Secret Sorcery.

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Back to France and Events:

Sarlat has a Craft Fair on the 25th and 26th of November at recup’acteurs .

Vitrac has a Christmas Fair on the 26th and 27th November.

Truffle Market on the 3rd December in Sarlat.

The Christmas Fair in Sarlat is held from the 7th December to the 31st December, the chalets are already being built in the large car park and the Christmas lights are up on most of the streets.






Renovating the kitchen

The kitchen is slowly coming together, it has taken years but we are nearly there. One of our tasks on our last trip was to complete the tiling of the worktop, grout it, seal it and place a trim all the way around the top. Sounds not too bad however it was difficult due to the fact that we had to lift the cooker top and sink to a level where we could tile underneath.

The cooker top and sink were placed onto wooden blocks.

The cooker top and sink were placed onto wooden blocks.

After a few days work it was more or less complete and we were able to give up on that dreadful chore of having to go out for meals 🙂 …

The completed work, it is looking great.

The completed work, it is looking great.

The kitchen area is quite dark so our final task was to fit under shelf lighting

Lighting under the shelves.

Lighting under the shelves.

We looked at various DIY stores for cupboard doors and drawers that would fit our kitchen, no luck. So I asked at the local builders if they knew of anyone that could make them for us. They were very helpful in recommending a carpenter in the next village. Which we found and explained what we wanted, he asked for the type of wood to be used, sizes, and photographs. So armed with all of the information the carpenter required we returned the same day. One look at the photographs was enough to tell him that he knew the house. He had made the staircase etc for the previous owner. We are now waiting for a quote to complete the final stage.

This is a 3D model of our kitchen complete with the new doors. It was developed by our very talented son and is particularly useful when I want to know if our existing furniture and new furniture will fit into our home in Daglan. The basic colour scheme for the kitchen was helpful in choosing what type of wood and colour wood we needed for the doors and draws.

3D model of the kitchen

3D model of the kitchen

A birds eye view of the kitchen and part of the lounge area.

A birds eye view of the kitchen and part of the lounge area.

If you would like to see more of his work, check out www.thevicker.com

Exciting News For Our Son

Adam is now open for business!

He is a 3D freelance artist-so check out his site www.thevicker.com, it is awesome. He intends to continue on his freelance work after we have all moved to France towards the end of next year.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana – An example of Adam’s work

We are going to France for our “working” holiday next month; a lot to do in the downstairs of the property however, one of our jobs will be to measure each room so that Adam can create 3D images in order to envision the furnished rooms.