Summer comes to Daglan

Traffic has been steadily increasing for a few weeks but the real sign that summer is here is that the Supermarket next to our home is now open every day including Monday for the summer season, and “Wonder Woman”, our new name for Virginie due to the fact that she can lift the most heavy gas containers, is hard at work.

Virginie (Wonder Woman) looking good

People make time to stop and chat in the Sunday market.

This glorious display was for Mothers Day which fell on May 28th in France.

If you visit Daglan make a point of wondering the side streets where you will find some of the hidden gems. This picture was taken at the end of the lane at the side of our home.

A stunning array of roses in full bloom cascade down the side of this property.

Trying to hide from view. This is gorgeous Meemow, so named because she talks to you none stop.


The Tour de France comes to the Perigord Noir on Tuesday, 11th July. Stage 10 begins at Perigueux, passes through Montignac, Sarlat, Vitrac, Domme, La Rogue-Gageac, Beynac, Saint Cyprien and on to Bargerac.

Check out the 178km route at


Before we moved to France we sorted through a lot of items, some that would fit well in the French property and much that would not. Sometimes difficult decisions were made about what to keep and what to dispose of. One of which was the old wrought iron candelabra, I thought no, it should be left behind, Paul wanted to take it for personal reasons. Yes it was and I am so glad that we did.

It was not until I started to renovate the candelabra that I began to remember where it came from so many years ago. It was a gift from my father in law who died seventeen years ago. So while I worked fond memories of him came flooding back. Recalling our first meeting when he welcomed me as ‘Mortisha, from the Adams family. Well I was dressed in a long black dress with hair flowing past my waist and wearing a large black floppy hat. In my defence I was only seventeen at the time and it was in the late 1960’s.

Fond memories Fond memories of a man who is still missed today.

Cheers DadI think that he would have loved sitting on the veranda by candle light sipping a drink or two. Cheers Dad.

Now that the warmer days are here, flowers are starting to develop and open in our courtyard.
apple blossomMagnificent is the apple blossom on our new tree which looks and smells gorgeous.

I just had to take pictures of our babies relaxing in the spring warmth.
relaxing in the shadeCleo on the veranda steps dappled by the sun.

This is the life...Angel, or as she has affectionately come to be know Groucho Marks, she was not in a good mood that day.

Vide-greniers and Brocantes:-

Sarlat 27th May.
Daglan 3rd and 4th June.
Castelnaud-la-Chapelle 13th July.
Saint-Cyprian 26th and 27th August.
La Roque-Gageac 3rd of September.


Daglan Spring Festival – Part two.

The variety of plants on display at the Daglan Spring Festival was amazing. Just one problem, I have a terrible memory for plant names, I just could not remember the names of any of the plants that I wanted for our balcony and courtyard. Luckily for me I have an expert on hand to help me out of this predicament. Sherry, an absolute marvel, from my description of the plants that I wanted she was able to tell me what I was looking for. Brilliant and thank you so much.

Taken from our balcony as the stalls were setting up, from pansies to fruit trees and plenty in between.

This is a local wine grower serving one of the older residents of the village. I can recommend his wine especially the rosé. In the lower left of the picture you will see a tray of ‘make your own wine kits’, various young grape vines.

Gorgeous variety and colour,

This flower seller has a stall on Daglan market every Sunday morning, she always has a wonderful variety of plants for sale.

I asked Paul to take a picture of an array of exotic bushes then I spotted an outstanding red rose and went in to investigate so spoiled the shot a little!

Children’s works of art around a bush in the Presbytère garden.

It does not matter what event is taking place in the village all the community works together. These lovely flowers were made by the children from the school in Daglan

Paul and I bought tickets for the tombola and what a surprise, we won a prize, a gorgeous apple tree. Which was presented to Paul by our Maire Pascal Dussol, who informed Paul that the tree will produce wonderful Daglan apples.
Paul brought the tree into the kitchen for me to look at, Cleo loved it so much that she gave it a large cat hug!

Only yesterday morning Paul and I where wondering where we could place the fat balls for the birds, problem solved, the branches of our prize are perfect… brilliant.

Event:- Happy Birthday Judith and a very happy ongoing 25th Wedding Anniversary to you and Paul.

What a pur-fect Christmas it was…

This was our kitten’s first Christmas and she loved every minute of the day. From helping to unwrap the presents (hers and ours) to playing with her new toys, wrapping paper and ribbons.

CleoCleo finding a fluffy mouse from underneath the wrapping paper.


You just cannot get better than a comfy bed with three duvets and four toy mice.

AngelA very contented looking Angel.


Our son came to visit over Christmas so it was an extra special time for us. He likes to keep fit and trim and only gained a few pounds in weight over the week which is brilliant, he thought it would be more. I have a tendency to over feed just a bit!

Mairie in Daglan.Mairie de Daglan.


The fourteenth century Church of St. Martin.

Church of St. Martin.I love the decorations on the church this year.


Hoping that you all had a brilliant holiday and Bonne Annee to everyone from the village of Daglan.

29th December Sarlat Organic Night market.
31st December Sarlat morning Truffle Market from 9 until 12.
14th and 15th January Sarlat Truffle Festival in the Medieval Quarter.

Cleo loves Pixar!

Our ten week old kitten whom we have named Cleo loves the Pixar “Birds on a Wire” animation, she taps the screen and follows the birds from left to right, when the short film is finished she will look behind the screen to see if the birds are hiding.

Birds on a WireA great fan of Pixar “Birds on a Wire”


In the past we have adopted stray or unwanted cats but we have never had a young kitten before. Everything is new and exciting for her, she thrives on exploration, she plays hard and sleeps often.

Cleo sleepingIt’s an exhausting life…Time for sleep.

Cleo the catI am wide awake now, get ready, it is play time again.


We thought of adopting another cat as companion for Angel because she was grieving the great loss of Phoebe who died in the Spring of this year. Angel would call for her most nights and look for her around the house at feeding time. So when the chance to adopt Cleo came there was no hesitation.

For the first couple of weeks Angel hissed at Cleo whenever she saw her but gradually Angel has mellowed and they have started to play together, they now rush about playing tag and kiss each other on the nose.

dscn1922Starting to get along together.


We have plenty of cat toys to play with but who needs toys when she can play for hours with an empty cardboard kitchen roll, or a pair of slippers.

dscn1875“They are my slippers Cleo”.

Angel has stopped shouting in the night and when food is ready she now looks for Cleo, wonderful.

dscn1921She is so cute.


Tribute to our gorgeous Phoebe

IMG_20151103_105008Our gorgeous Phoebe


I think that this week has been the most stressful and unhappy week Paul and I have experienced in France.  Our little girl was not eating a great deal but drinking more and more cat milk or water. So we took her for a check up to the local vet’s, who tested her blood for everything.  To our shock it was found that Phoebe had kidney failure and that she would have to stay at the animal hospital for treatment.  However, by Monday the vet told us that Phoebe had only a few days to live and that if we took her home she would suffer. I would have given anything to save her. After talking to our son we finally had to admit that there was nothing that could be done and Phoebe was put to sleep while we gave her an Indian head massage, her favourite, she purred and went to sleep.


PhoebeShe loved to sit and wait for the supermarket next door to open. People would come to the window to talk to her.


DSCN0918Interested in the Sunday market and the Monday clean up of Le Place de la Liberté


IMG_20151230_151950If Phoebe saw you with a camera she would stop playing and pose for you – always the diva.


IMG_20160208_083547Look I have string, you can bite it, chase it, hide it and I look so good.


IMG_20160322_154014She loved the sun so much, here she is fast asleep but she also loved to roll on her back with her paws in the air.


We miss her so much, the one in a million cat, Phoebe.



Happy New Year

These are just a few of our favourite pictures and memories from our first autumn and Christmas in Daglan.

DSCN0926The colours of autumn – when I went for a walk, walnut picking on the way.


DSCN0950The breakfast treat in Roland Mertz Patisserie that begins our weekly shop in Sarlat.


DSCN0999And in the window, Noel treats


It has been claimed on tripadvisor that Roland Mertz is the best patisserie in the world, we would not disagree with that.


Our first Christmas was wonderful.

DSCN1060aThe flowers are from our new friends who live and work in Daglan, it was such a surprise to receive them. We have met a few couples who have welcomed Paul and I into the village with a kiss on both cheeks.  It is one of the many things that we love about France, another is that total strangers say hello to you, on the street, in shops, doctors etc. If a stranger said hello to you in England or even more strange, ask how you are, you would think that they wanted something from you. But here it is just good manners, which is superb.


DSCN1061aThe gorgeous blue sky by the mill on Christmas Day.


IMG_20151226_142102Christmas afternoon on the veranda with Phoebe and Angel, the temperature was about 15C, all I needed now was a glass of chilled wine and a mince pie.


I will not be posting new blogs for a week or so because I am flying back to England to visit a relative. So a very Happy New Year and if you are in Sarlat on the 16th or 17th January for the Truffle Festival Paul and I will see you there.