The illumination of Daglan

We were asked to take a few more pictures of our lovely village decked out in lights for Christmas. To be honest it did not take much encouragement for my cameraman Paul to take a stroll around the village taking pictures. Daglan looks like a wonderland of colour due to the effort of our Maire Pascal Dussol and the Commune.

on the outskirts of DaglanJust on the outskirts of Daglan, gorgeous.


Our MairieOur Mairie, the lights bring out the golden colour of the stone work.


santa's reindeerA close up of the reindeer pulling Santa’s sledge which is perched in a tree outside La Petit Paris Restaurant.


Santa up a treeNot a brilliant picture I think that we need more practice or a better camera, but you can make out the tree, sledge with Santa and reindeer.


bonnes fetesBonne Fetes.


Next blog – Sarlat Christmas Market in fact it could be two blogs, lots of pictures needless to say it is wonderful.

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