Le Derrière

The renovation of the utility room at the rear of our home in Daglan is now complet, it took a while but I am so happy with the result.

As you can see from the picture below the utility room was made of steel and fibreglass, a horrible sight which sunlight light was unable to enter even in the height of Summer, leaving the utility room dark and dismal.

This eyesore just had to go.

First came the new roof, also fibreglass and steel that needed replacing. Paul laid down wood and fitted shingles which were a surplus from a friends renovation work. Thank you Angus they work a treat, as the last couple of nights have proven, completely waterproof. In the above picture Paul was working in the extreme 40+ degrees centigrade heat of a hot Summers day so a little shade was needed (top right).

Then it was guttering and down pipe, seen here with the new wood cladding.

Starting to replace the fibreglass panels and voila, we have light.

What a difference it makes to be able to see in and out.

Almost finished, Paul also panelled the inside of the utility room.

Looking great, Our cat Cleo loves to sit on top of the tumble drier and watch the birds in the courtyard.



French Property News magazine.

Black Diamond.

Towards the end of last year I was asked by the editor of French Property News Magazine to write an article for them about how we found our home, the buying process, the renovation work, Daglan village and the surrounding area. At first nerves took hold and I thought no, then on reading past blogs and our experiences, who could forget the arsenic paint on our toilet door, or the shower that kept me practising Yoga every time that I used it!, I thought yes I can write the article.

The editor loved the article and our pictures and it was published in the March issue of French Property News magazine and now the April issue has been published I can show my article in our blog for you to read. I hope that you like it.

Just click on the page image to open an enlargement in a new window (Use keys to override your popup blocker if needed).

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

The One Of A Kind!

To be really honest, like many people who was scared while watching the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Psycho” in their early teenage years, I had developed a phobia to showers, in particular showers with curtains! So it was a little upsetting to have a one of a kind shower in our small bathroom in France.

To be fair it did not have a shower curtain but it was a strange cylinder shape that made you feel totally enclosed once inside, I should mention that I am also claustrophobic!


Our old cylinder shower


However, I am not one to shrink from a challenge and into the shower I went, panic at first but then I was so busy trying to keep the non closing door closed to prevent the water going all over the bathroom floor, and at the same time trying to regulate the temperature of the water from freezing to boiling point that my fear dissipated long enough for me to have a shower.


Not a lot of room as you can see, it had to go.


After planning the layout of the bathroom and looking at and testing out showers! I must explain that in order to have a new shower in the bathroom I had to step inside each shower on display in the various stores we visited to test out my phobia, panic or no panic! The result is below, a new shower which is perfect, no panic at all.


In with the new


Now all we need to do is to find an antique wash stand with a marble top and a hand basin to compliment it, remove the tiles from the walls and floor and replace them with something more to our liking, paint the woodwork. The to do list seems to be getting longer!


French News:-

Single-use plastic bags are set to be banned from French shops by this month, April 2016. A second law is planned for January 2017, which will ban all other kinds of disposable plastic bags including those provided for packing fruit, vegetables and cheese!

Also, a ‘doggy bag’ law has come into force in France in an attempt to cut down on food wastage in restaurants across the country, brilliant, although I do not remember leaving enough food to take home when I have eaten in a French restaurant!

Carnival of Pétassou

First we heard the loud music in the quiet streets of Daglan followed by a tractor with a scarecrow type figure attached to the tailor at the back


A Medieval custom which is still carried out throughout France.

Then came the children from the local Primary school in costumes and masks.


Brilliant animal costumes of cats, pigs and I think a wolf or two.

This was the carnival of the wicked Pétassou who is the object of a thousand evils from theft to the explotation of shale gas! The procession moves up and down the main street until it arrives at the commune space outside the Salle des fetes (community hall). Where all of the children dance around the scarecrow, his judgement is recited and then the evil Pétassou is burned.


Scary masks and head adornment, terrific.

One winner for the best costume is picked, then the children gather around for snack’s which were prepared by parents of the children.


A few of the children were in full costume, like the little boy on the left.

It was a terrific sight to brighten up a cold and wet morning in Daglan.

The Pride of Daglan

Do not miss the event of the year
Fetes de la Saint Louis
from the 21rd to the 24th August.

For detail go the the Daglan Mairie website

One of the really nice aspects of our village is the pride that people take over their property and the area in which they live. It really has an excellent community spirit, where people integrate and help one another.

The supermarket next door to our home has recently been renovated. It is still the same size but the counter and shelves have been moved to accommodate more items. There are two very green signs outside which stand in front of the new plant pots. The supermarket is run by a very friendly husband and wife team, who always greet you with the welcoming “bonjour”, as you enter. This shop is the centre of the community where people come to shop and talk to the owners and other shoppers about anything that is happening in Daglan and the surrounding area.

In this picture is one of the owners proudly cleaning the side of the supermarket, his wife washes the trolleys outside later in the day.local supermarket

The old Boulangerie, which is now a home The old Boulangerie

This house is for sale and vacant, but such is the pride of the owner they still have a gardener who tends the gorgeous garden at the front of the property.gorgeous garden

I love this house, roses and lavender curl upward towards the sun. Unfortunately it is not for sale.roses and lavender

A new door and windows for the house on the left and magnificent stone work on the property on the right.magnificent stone work

There are one or two lovely properties in Daglan for sale, in and out of the village. So if you are looking for easy access to the countryside, sunshine, wine, good food and friendly polite people, look no further than Daglan.