A Dance Around The Supermarket…

…or How We Live Through A Plague Situation.

Our first outing in a week for provisions was shall we say interesting but strange. We were on route to a supermarket in Sarlat when we were stopped in Cenac by a very friendly police officer who wanted to see our form (download here). Everyone must fill one out and take a completed form with them whereever they go, chemist, supermarket, walking etc. After reading through the form the officer asked if we were shopping for food and then sent us on our way.

On we traveled through deserted villages until we reached the supermarket. Where a queue had formed outside with people standing one or two meters away from each other. By the doors stood men looking like bouncers who were letting in a few people at a time. No arguments there.

A dance around the supermarket followed. Remembering that we needed to stay one metre away from the next person was interesting, for example, we turned into the cereal isle which was occupied by another person. What to do, stay still and wait or move to another place? … But the other person has spotted us and quickly vanished around the corner.

It reminded me of a very old Movie of the Scarlet Pimpernel, “We seek him here we seek him there”.

We could still buy what we wanted from fresh to frozen, even toilet rolls, which we are told are sold out in many shops in England! Only dried yeast for bread making and alcohol based hand gel were out of stock.

Back in Daglan the 8 á Huit is open as normal, with the 1 metre social distancing limit. Restaurants La Cantine and La Petite Paris are offering take out meals.


The take away menu at La Canteen yesterday.

The take away menu at La Petite Paris yesterday.
A great Idea for supporting the community in these strange times

Events:-throughout France are all cancelled including the Flower Festival which was to take place in Daglan this Sunday.

Next time, How we live through cabin fever.

Success for Daglan’s first Truffle Market.

Our village held its first truffle market today in the play area of the village school which is situated behind the Mairie in the centre of Daglan. We arrived to join a long queue of people who were waiting for the eleven o’clock school bell to ring which was the sign that the truffle market was open.

On sale were a variety of Summer truffles which are similar to the Burgundy Truffle which Paul and I have never tasted before. Slightly less aroma than the Winter truffle but just as tasty.

Wow amazing, this very grand truffle was on display.

A sample of the wares on display offered by the truffle vendors. I was so pleased that all of the truffles were from Daglan and the local area.

We headed towards one truffle seller in particular, because the Chief from La Petit Paris restaurant and Chris from our local 8 à Huit supermarket were buying from him, experts of the village. We also saw Fabrice buying some truffles for La Cantine which is another very good restaurant in our village.

Treats provided by the Mairie, very yummy truffle butter on the slices of baguette. Plus crisps and local wine.

Rosé wine was served by our Maire and members the council. Vin de Domme and very nice it was too.

Here is our truffles, a real bargain at only five euro for the three, all ready to permeate the eggs. After which they will be used in a variety of dishes. I love truffle grated over tagliatelle which as been enriched with a cream sauce.

Le Petit Paris

This former tobacco shop has been completely renovated to become a high class restaurant which has attained two forks in the Michelin Guide. It is our favourite restaurant for several reasons: firstly the food is always fresh and seasonal from the local area, it is cooked to perfection. Secondly the service is also to a high standard. Thirdly, it is only about two minutes from our home.We have dined here several times and it is always very popular, so we had to book in advance of our visit. Here is a selection of our meal.



First we started with an aperitif, which was Vin de noix (walnut wine). Then came the Amuse- Bouche (mouth amuser, picture above). I could not eat being a vegetarian but Paul loved the pate.

We did have an L’entrée of duck spring rolls with a green tea broth for Paul and prawns for myself but I am sorry we forgot to take a photo

Sea Bass

Sea Bass

So on to the Le Plat Principal (above), which was Loup de mer, (sea Bass) gorgeous with a lemon sauce.

Paleron de Boeuf Limousin

Paleron de Boeuf Limousin

Paul had Paleron de Boeuf Limousin, which he said was equally delicious.

Chocolate mouse

Chocolate mouse

The dessert-Chocolate de Saint-Dominique 70% chocolate mouse is to die for, I cannot express how delicious this is, you really need to go to the restaurant and taste it for yourself and then you will know what I mean.

Strawberry pannacotta

Strawberry pannacotta

This is Paul’s- les fraises fraiches, which was strawberry pannacotta, with crunchy caramel bits on top in a caramel sauce. Paul said this also was fantastic.

The coffee

The coffee

Coffee was served with two sweet little chocolate cakes and mouth watering nougat.

We both really enjoyed our meal there, however, has I stated above I am a vegetarian who will eat fish now and again. My question is if anyone knows of a good vegetarian restaurant in the Perigord Noir (Dordogne Black), please let me know.