Furniture Renovation

Restoring our linen chest and matching chair

As the time approaches for our move to France, (we are hoping for autumn 2015, but it could be sooner or even longer, we shall wait and see), I thought it was time to assess what furniture we need to take with us. One look around the bedroom changed everything because it was very apparent that restoration and renovation was in order.

My husband had made our linen chest when we were just a few years into our married life. Forty years later the linen chest was crying out for help. I could not part with the chest, so restoration was in order.

I do aspire to French Country manoir colours (really rural country), so the paint we picked for the chest was Craig and Rose 1829 Regency white which fits the time period of our French property.

First was the hard task of removing the old red leather covering from the lid of the chest. The chest was a dark rusty brown colour in need of serious sanding down quite a few times. I had broken nails to prove it.

Next step was to buy the foam padding and material for the lid. An Internet search did find a few gorgeous selections of material, but they were all very expensive. I particularly liked a few on e-bay, vintage Lora Ashley was very tempting. Then I tried a local shop that reupholsters furniture, to see if they had any remnants of material in blue. Luckily they had and it was free, great. So after several coats of paint, the lid was covered and what a transformation, I had caught the restoration bug.

The restored linen chest

The completed linen chest

The left over fabric was the ideal size to renovate a bedroom chair, the colour of the finished chest and chair do not match anything in our bedroom in the UK but they do match the colours of the bedroom in France.

Restoration was dependent on the British weather so I am afraid to say that the furniture was in and out more times than I care to remember.

Restoration was very dependent on the British weather

Restoration was dependent on the British weather I am afraid to say.

The Regency white looks great

The Regency white looks great

The finished chair

Here is the finished chair, complete with its cushion alongside the newly restored linen chest.

Exciting News For Our Son

Adam is now open for business!

He is a 3D freelance artist-so check out his site, it is awesome. He intends to continue on his freelance work after we have all moved to France towards the end of next year.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana – An example of Adam’s work

We are going to France for our “working” holiday next month; a lot to do in the downstairs of the property however, one of our jobs will be to measure each room so that Adam can create 3D images in order to envision the furnished rooms.

Joyeuses Paques-Happy Easter

Milk Chocolate Les Marquis Bell

The very expensive but gorgeous confectioner Laduree which was founded in 1862 has released its mouth-watering Easter collection for 2014. Among the gorgeous things that you can buy is the cloche or bell range. Cloches volantes are a traditional Easter confection in France, symbolising the legend of the bells flying to Rome on Good Friday. From this date no bells are heard until Easter Sunday, when they return to herald Christ’s resurrection.

Ladurees Cloche Lapin is a dark or milk chocolate bell, filled with chocolate bonbons, delicious. The Cloche de Paques is a dessert available for six to eight people from April 17-21, consisting of chocolate macaroon biscuit, bergamot orange cream, orange and bergamot jam, chocolate mousse and crispy praline slivers. My mouth is watering already.



If you are going to France for Easter do check out the local confectionaries for hand crafted eggs, bells, rabbits etc. The displays alone are truly wonderful to see.



Unfortunately all of my family are on a diet so no Easter chocolate for us, except I will be making an Easter cake which will be covered in chocolate. “Just a small piece of cake please”.

Easter eggs