Club De L’Amitie Daglanaise

Le Perigord Hotel and Restaurant

What a good time we all had with the Club De L’Amitie Daglanaise at Le Perigord Restaurant yesterday lunch time. The company, the food and wine were excellent.

We have never been to this Restaurant before, although we pass the hotel and restaurant many times on route to Sarlat, always saying that we must check it out at a later date. So we were very pleased to receive the invitation from the President of the Club De L’Amitie to celebrate the end of the year with a get together over a lunch time meal.

Le Perigord Hotel and Restaurant

I was a little apprehensive when we first received the invitation because I am a vegetarian, but I need not of been concerned, we emailed the restaurant and the chef was delighted to change the menu for me, brilliant.

Here is the menu:-
Aperitif, pretzels
Potage de Saison
Salade Croustillante, De Cabecou Aux Abricots
Roti De Porc Laque Aux Epices, Polenta Cremeuse (The chef prepared fish for me)
Caprice Cenacois
Vin de Bergerac

Pumpkin soupThe soup was pumpkin which was delicious.

The French custom of chabrotThe French custom of chabrot, where you add wine to the last mouthful of soup, swill the soup dish around and then drink it all from the soup dish, was performed by the males on our table. Unsure if women are allowed in the French etiquette to drink from the soup bowel or not, but to be honest I did not fancy finding out, due to the likelihood of spillages.

Salade Croustillante, De Cabecou Aux Abricots I have never tasted cabecou aux apricots (cheese, apricots) in what tasted like a large Chinese square spring roll but with a bread base. It was interesting and very delicious, I will certainly try to make this at home for lunch or as a starter in the future.

My PoissonHere is my fish in a very tasty cream sauce with creamed polenta instead of the pork. I know it’s not a true vegetarian when I will eat fish but it is still often difficult to get a true vegetarian meal in restaurants. If I mention that I am vegetarian the response is usually “Oh madame, mes condoléances” which I find enchaining and very funny.

Caprice CenacoisGateau with nuts and raspberries, served with a chocolate and raspberry sauces. I must admit that I have a sweet tooth, I loved this gateau. Quite often the walnut gateau which is a speciality of the Perigord Noir is often dry but this was delicious and moist with the added raspberries.

Friends of ours from around the village who are great company and always light up my day with their presence.

Enjoying a meal among friends
Salute to you all



This was our first visit to Recup’acteurs warehouse who are holding a craft market today and tomorrow, ten until four.

Recup’acteurs is an eco-citizen activity with the idea of reducing waste, it is an excellent recycling centre run by a none profit organisation for the Perigord Noir. If you have any goods you no longer use that could be given a second home they would be welcome. It is to be found at ZAE du Perigord Noir, Vialard, Sarlat. It is well worth a visit on any Friday or Saturday when it is open to the public from 10:00-19:00.

Recup'acteurs The various craft stalls at the entrance to the warehouse.

We were told that the lady displaying gorgeous table lamps makes the shade from Victorian linen bloomers, brilliant idea and fantastic quality.

There are refreshments of home made cakes, biscuits, coffee, soup and mulled wine, all made by the expert hand of Judith, the proprietress of Le Thé Vert. Paul had a coffee, I opted for the mulled wine, it was very warming on a cold day and delicious too.

Everything to buyThere is everything to buy including chandeliers, tableware, glassware, pottery, furniture, electrical goods, books, linen and much, much more.

Toy and Teddy And a wide selection of toys and teddy bears.

dscn2015I did buy two items of Limoges pottery, price… one euro the pair, The water jug will be on display in my bedroom and the dish will be used for storing soaps in the bathroom.

Recup’Acteurs websiteFacebook page


Christmas Fair at Vitrac on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00

Sarlat Christmas Fair opens on the 7th December

Messing around by the River.

“If we had no Winter, the Spring and Summer would not be so pleasant”, Anne Bradstreet.

When the nights start to draw in and the temperature starts to plummet it is good to look back to last Summer.

Paul and I love to take a walk no matter what the season and last Summer was our first full Summer here in Daglan so we made the most of the sunny days. We had just walked through the village along the main road towards Saint Cybranet and turned right at the stables to bring us to the Céou River. It was a really hot day so we stopped to have a rest and chill out a little by the old water mill.

Unsure if the man and his two dogs were fellow villagers or here on holiday, but they were great fun. He had thrown the ball into the river so that the dogs would go in, retrieve the ball and stay cool at the same time. A good plan but it did not work, neither of the dogs would go into the water. So Paul took off his sandals and paddled into the river to retrieve the ball. The water was not very deep and he soon threw the ball for the dogs waiting on dry land.

Paddling in the Céou RiverMessing around in the River

‘The best laid plans of mice and men’ sprung to mind when the Border Collie’s thought ‘wow, good game’ and hit the ball back into the river for Paul to retrieve. Needless to say I had to stop laughing in order to take the pictures.

Just a few more times please“Just a few more times please”.

How to be a great artist:-
Assuming the Poseone has to stand in a certain way!

The artist is Dominique Allaërt who held an exhibition at the Presbytère throughout the summer, he will be returning to Daglan next Summer for his second exhibition here.

By the way the painting was wonderful.

I hope that the above pictures warmed you a little on a cold and damp day.

Event:- 4th December at 3 o’clock at the Salle de Fate, Daglan. Theatre, 8€ each

Tethered, a PSVR game by Secret Sorcery.

TetheredI just had to say that our son is awesome, he helped create this VR game. Tethered is a new virtual reality game by Secret Sorcery, where you take the role of a god overlooking the lands of the very adorable peeps.


The ultimate goal of the game is to free the spirit guardians of the thirteen islands by collecting spirit energy. There are many challenges in the form of helping the peeps gather the spirit energy and resources as well as fighting off monsters.

Being in virtual reality the peeps react to your every movement therefore creating realism in the game. You will also have sky objects such as the sun or clouds and buildings for peeps that will give you certain bonuses. Snow clouds that will give you armour, rain will re-grow crops, you can also gather clouds together to from thunder clouds.


So check the game out at for more information.

15032920_10157661661935368_786982290998809877_nOur son’s present from the bosses at Secret Sorcery.

Images courtesy of


Back to France and Events:

Sarlat has a Craft Fair on the 25th and 26th of November at recup’acteurs .

Vitrac has a Christmas Fair on the 26th and 27th November.

Truffle Market on the 3rd December in Sarlat.

The Christmas Fair in Sarlat is held from the 7th December to the 31st December, the chalets are already being built in the large car park and the Christmas lights are up on most of the streets.





So Long, Leonard Cohen.

So Long, Leonard Cohen

There have been so many awesome people that have died this year and today I heard about another extremely talented man, Leonard Cohen.

His music and poems will last forever in song, for example… Suzanne, Sisters of Mercy, and my favourites Hallelujah, and Hey That’s No way To Say Goodbye.

A remarkable person.

So Long, Leonard Cohen