Proxi Super

It has been all change at the village supermarket this week. Sadly first to go was the lovely paintings on the front windows of the 8 à Huit supermarket, which I did hope would be replaced by another outstanding masterpiece of the village. But no new artworks…

…and then a new name appeared.

A picture showing the work area and one of the window, now without artwork
You can just see the old 8 à Huit sign at the top right of the picture.

The supermarket stocks a good range of foodstuffs and domestic products including Bio items which I like to purchase for the vegetarian options and organic qualities.

New sign at the left of the door lists the services that the supermarket provide.

Due to corronavirud restrictions only five people are allowed into the supermarket at a time and at the entrance a table has been provided for hand sanitizer jel for use before you collect a basket or trolley. To reduce the chance of infection the handling fresh produce is off limits to shoppers so it is picked for you by Christian or Viginie. Social distancing rules are being observed and masks are recommended.

The new windows look really stylish

I must praise Christian and Virginie who arrive at the supermarket at six to half past everyday to insure that every basket, trolley, shelf etc. is cleaned before they open for customers.

Well done to you both for keeping the supermarket open and safe through this strange time that we are all living through. You two are village heroes.

Christian proudly showing the new name and opening hours signs.

Event:-don’t forget that the Daglan market is now open every Sunday morning.

Marché de Noël : Daglan

Everything that you need to start the Festive season right here in Daglan.

Just a selection of the many things that will be on offer on the 8th December:-
Stalls, selling arts and crafts. I am thinking Christmas presents.
Village produce stall
Guess the weight of the Christmas Cake
Christmas Hamper to win
Père Noëll
Face painting
Plus lots of yummy things to eat hot or cold. For example crepes, sausages outside. Mince pies, cakes etc. in the building. With hot or cold drinks.

Look out for Paul and I on the art embroidery stall.

A good day out for all of the family.

VESUNNA, Gallo-Roman Museum

Only about a ten minute walk from the centre of Perigueux is the most gorgeous Roman Villa. Encased in a glass structure you can see every detail of what is the remains of a truly outstanding Roman Villa.

The antique town of Perigueux was founded around 16 B.C, after the conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar, the province of Aquitaine was established by Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. Originally called Vesunna, Perigueux became the capital of the Petrucores’ territory.

As with the rest of Gaul, prominent wealthy citizens, handled public matters. They personally financed the construction of monuments and owned the most beautiful villas.

After extensive digging in 1959, the ruins of a vast and richly decorated villa were uncovered. Occupied from the 1st to the 3rd Century, the layout is very typical of a large urban home.

A model of the villa at Vesunna.

A central garden surrounded by porticoes and colonnades.
The patio around the pond, was decorated with marine life in bright colours. There were also sculptures among the flowers which decorated the area.

The kitchens, reception rooms and bathrooms were heated by the hypocaust.

A copy of the wall frescoes which adorned the villa.

An example of one of the Gods, Diana. Wonderful detail.

Romans allowed conquered people to keep their own Gods as long as the Emperor’s Cult was practiced. This came a little fussy over time and often overlapped with the Roman Gods. A bit of both.

Symbolism was important to show the persons power and wealth.

Another example of the Gods. The detail is outstanding.

I was particularly interested in finding any signs of the slaves that kept the villa to a high stranded for such a long time. Everything of course was below ground, the kitchens, the heating and mostly with very little light in small hot and cramped conditions.

I did find evidence of two “below stairs” occupations…

… that of weaving, stone weaving weights and tools …

… and mending.

Gallo-Roman public figures had very good taste in clothing. The workmanship and detail of these buttons are outstanding.

VESUNNA, Gallo-Roman Museum, Perigueux

Art By Dominique ALLAËRT

Magnificent works of art by Dominique ALLAËRT are being exhibited at the Ancient Presbytery in Daglan for the next two weeks.

If you are in the area please feel free to call in and take a look.

All for sale at reasonable prices at ;-

L’Ancien Presbytère. Daglan, 24250
29 June au 13 July 2019
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 14:00 to 18:20
Thursday, Saturday Sunday 10:00 to 12:30 and 14:00 to 18:30