The Pride of Daglan

Do not miss the event of the year
Fetes de la Saint Louis
from the 21rd to the 24th August.

For detail go the the Daglan Mairie website

One of the really nice aspects of our village is the pride that people take over their property and the area in which they live. It really has an excellent community spirit, where people integrate and help one another.

The supermarket next door to our home has recently been renovated. It is still the same size but the counter and shelves have been moved to accommodate more items. There are two very green signs outside which stand in front of the new plant pots. The supermarket is run by a very friendly husband and wife team, who always greet you with the welcoming “bonjour”, as you enter. This shop is the centre of the community where people come to shop and talk to the owners and other shoppers about anything that is happening in Daglan and the surrounding area.

In this picture is one of the owners proudly cleaning the side of the supermarket, his wife washes the trolleys outside later in the day.local supermarket

The old Boulangerie, which is now a home The old Boulangerie

This house is for sale and vacant, but such is the pride of the owner they still have a gardener who tends the gorgeous garden at the front of the property.gorgeous garden

I love this house, roses and lavender curl upward towards the sun. Unfortunately it is not for sale.roses and lavender

A new door and windows for the house on the left and magnificent stone work on the property on the right.magnificent stone work

There are one or two lovely properties in Daglan for sale, in and out of the village. So if you are looking for easy access to the countryside, sunshine, wine, good food and friendly polite people, look no further than Daglan.

Brocante – flea Market

This particular Brocante was just outside Sarlat, it took us ages to find it but when we did it was well worth the effort. I love spending an hour or so looking around the stalls and talking with the stall holders who seem to know the history of every object they are selling.

I seem to have a radar for anything linen and lace, so that pillow cases, table clothes, clothes etc are a magnet to me. However, on this particular visit I was looking for bedroom furniture. Something that needed renovating would be great for me to work on.

Brocante I was unsure if the gentleman in the beret was displeased with me taking his picture, or with his friends playing!

chestI took this picture for our son, who would love this chest.

metal bath I can remember my Great grandmother having a metal bath just like this one; it brings back happy childhood memories of her.

ironThis iron was so heavy I had trouble picking it up. Saying that I do wish that I had bought the iron, it would of looked great beside the fireplace in the lounge or in the kitchen.

Sadly, there were no bedroom furniture for me to buy but on a positive note I will need to visit more Brocanties on our next visit, great.


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