Félicitations À Vous Deux.

A French wedding is certainly one of the delights of living in France and yesterday was truly special because it was the wedding of two of our neighbours who live in Daglan.

The preparations started early yesterday morning with the decorations for the church ceremony.

The Church of Saint Martin looked beautiful and very romantic.

You can just see each side of the church door on two little alcoves four porcelain pigs. These pigs sent a cascade of confetti over the doorway when the bride and groom exited the church.

Hanging from the arch over the church door, two gorgeous swans with a lace and flower border.

The bride and groom looking amazing.

A toast to the happy couple.



Our First Brocante In Two Years.

The Autumn mist rose over the valley to announce the return of the Antique market at La Roque-Gageac last Sunday. From a rather chilly start to gorgeous sunshine it was great to meander around the variety of stalls which stretched along the car park, the medieval market hall and alongside of the river Dordogne.

I was particular interested in finding an ornamental wooden carving for the head of my bed. At the moment the headboard is a wooden rectangle which I do not like. So a project for the winter months is to transform the bed from plain to wow. So keep your fingers crossed.

The mist rises and the canoes come out onto the river. A few weeks ago you could hardly see the river for canoes but now the schools return for their Autumn term and the river becomes peaceful once more. A gorgeous time to visit, September still has the sunshine but not too hot.

The medieval market hall is usually where you will find the most expensive items for sale, from silver cutlery, jewellery to paintings and artworks, it is worth a visit.

Would anyone like a new pair of shoes, or somewhere to store your wine?

Wonderful jugs and stone water features or planters.

We found exactly what I wanted for the head of the bed and we purchased it at a reduced price, brilliant.

Time for a coffee to celebrate.



France Honour’s Josephine Baker.

“She wanted to show that everyone, at their own level, should make the world we live in tend towards a better understanding and a total acceptance of difference”. Akio Bouillon, the eldest son of Josephine Bakers twelve adopted children.

The American born singer, dancer, actress, resistance fighter and equal rights accompanier is to have the high honour and privilege to enter the Parthenon in Paris, the resting place for great National figures, on 30th November 2021. Among those entombed there are Voltaire, Rousseau, Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas, Germaine Tillion and Genevieve de Gaulle-Anthonioz.

Château Milandes

Fleeing discrimination and prejudice in American she fled to Paris becoming the best paid artist of the music hall era. Using her money to restore the splendour of Château Milandes and the surrounding area.

One of her many headdress which was designed and made for her cabaret performances.

A great collection of her life through costume, photographs and audio presentation are on display for everyone to enjoy at Milandes. What makes myself proud of her achievements was her fright against discrimination showing the world through her “rainbow tribe” children and through her own actions that not everyone has the same colour or same language but that people are all humans who all want the same thing.

One prominent action of Josephine Baker’s was to join the French Resistance, during World War 2 she concealed micro film in her underwear and forwarded information through her song sheets. She became Second Lieutenant of the auxiliary troops of the French air Force, later to be honoured with the Legion of Honour, the Croix de Guerre and the Medal of the Resistance.

“Our native Perigord is our region of heart”. Akio Bouillon.

Each day at the rear of the Château is the very entertaining and informative display of rescued raptors.

At the front and side of the Château are the ornate gardens and water features.

Well worth a visit or two.



Daglans Pop-Up Fête.

On previous years there have been posters in the local area advertising the Fête de la saint Louis and banners put up to line the main street weeks in advance of the annual party but not this year. Posters were only seen a few days before and no banners to be seen so it seems more like a pop-up fête.

With the lack of preparation we quite wrongly came to the conclusion that there would not be a fête this year due to Covid 19. But yes, there is entertainment and animations, evening concerts and fireworks on the Sunday night. However there will be no parade which we and most of the village thought was always the highlight of the fête.

Alright we can live with that but to our dismay the bumper cars have once again been allowed back into the centre of the village. Producing the most horrific amplified music until the early hours of the morning.

Many local residents leave the village for this noisy weekend. Why allow such a thing to happen in a quite village? After having only two hours sleep last night I can be forgiven to be a little tetchy today.

The view from our balcony this morning.

“Doom is upon me”, said the Lady of Challot.



Villefranche-du-Perigord is holding an Antique weekend. 21st and 22nd August.

Belves, Antique market on the 22nd August.



Plonk and Plus.

Planches et Plonk, the fabulous cheese and wine bar in Belves have recently opened Plonk & Plus, a wine cellar in Belves central square. Selling great value delicious wines from local vineyards and artisan beer. Perfect for your barbecue, lunch or dinner parties or a glass or two while relaxing in the gorgeous sunshine. Or why not a bottle or two for that perfect present.

Looking good in his Medieval outfit in the new wine cellar.
A large selection of quality wines to choose from

Whatever your choice you will know that the bottle will have been selected by the two experienced owners, Graham and Damon,.who have a very good knowledge of wines and are always ready to advise and help you with your choice.

An artistic display of local artisan beers.
We had to stop and have a glass of wine in Planches et Plonk. Love the Medieval outfits.

Remember this is the fabulous cheese and wine bar in the centre of Belves offering a high quality of food and service. Also, they offer bed and breakfast accommodation and gourmet breaks.

Lastly, two more pictures from the Medieval Day in Belves.

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