Summer In Our Village.

A few months ago when Paul and I where planting seed potatoes in pots in our courtyard I thought how good it was to live here. Spring was in the air, leaves and buds on our apple tree were starting to show themselves. The birds were singing as we walked to the the river Ceou about five minutes away. Spending our lives in a relatively small area without seeing our friends and family did not occur to me.

It all changed here due to the outbreak of Covid 19 just like England and other places around the world. One of the hardest changes was being isolated from family, friends and people in general. The French are very tactile and love to meet and greet people with a kiss on both cheeks and a hug, which we have adopted and love. Our food shopping habits had also changed, no self respecting French person would dream of buying fresh produce without looking, feeling and smelling the produce on offer. These are just a few of the simple pleasures that I have missed.

As the restrictions started to be lifted France was divide into different colour zones with the lifting of restrictions being delayed in orange zones. Perigord, being in the green zone made us very lucky indeed. Although we still had keep to social distancing guidelines, wearing of face masks and disinfecting everything in sight we were able to go outside to the newly re-opened Sunday market.

Now, my goodness we can talk to people (social distancing and masks of course) and it feels so good to just ask how they are, how have they been copying over the last few months etc.

This morning, just inside our gate, I discovered a present of lavender from our friends who recently arrived back at their Daglan home after several months in Germany. The perfume is gorgeous, thank you so much.

Daglan in bloom. Our new pink and white roses are next to our apple tree which looks like a good crop this year.

I love the courtyard of a friend of ours, it is always full of flowers of every description.

La Petit Paris is open for outside eating with the metre distancing restriction in place. So book early in order to insure a table.

Summer flowers adorn La Cantine, all ready to welcome you for lunchtime in the sunshine.

Bon appetit

Sunday Morning in Daglan.

There are no barriers at all now!

Gone are the barriers that kept people away from the produce in the Sunday market. However, we still have the social distancing rule and of course the wearing of face masks recommended to keep control of the spread of Covid-19. Although we did notice that only about half of the people were actually wearing a face mask yesterday morning which is a bit of a worry.

The easing of the lock down has seen more people attending the market and other attractions in the village. Through the week I have noticed tourists taking photographs of the various picturesque buildings that surround Le Place de la Liberté.

Not having seen many people or camper vans for such a long time it seems like odd behaviour to me now. It just shows that people can become accustomed to what is the norm in a lock down situation.

Anyway I digress, the market was excellent, the different produce, the colours, the smells of herbs, strawberries and of course cheese was a delight to the senses.

First a visit to this wonderful stall selling hand crafted jewellery made from Brazilian Capim Dourado or golden grass.

The Fresh fruit and vegetables look so colorful, what a great variety of delicious tomatoes.

Handmade cheeses are so good.

A new comer to the market is the pottery artisan, visit the website at Terria Potteries. Again hand made to a high quality standard and all at a reasonable price.

On our walk around the market we noticed a new seat at the side of the church.
It will be excellent to sit in the shade away from the sun for a few minutes contemplation.

Around the base of the tree plus a very interesting Tilia Tilleul bush. Which when it is in flower will produce an excellent perfume. The plant won a price in the 1930s for its use in medicine.

Walk just past the tree and its new seat, on the right hand side of the chemin you will see a gorgeous garden outside the library which has been planted by the commune.

Proxi Super

It has been all change at the village supermarket this week. Sadly first to go was the lovely paintings on the front windows of the 8 à Huit supermarket, which I did hope would be replaced by another outstanding masterpiece of the village. But no new artworks…

…and then a new name appeared.

A picture showing the work area and one of the window, now without artwork
You can just see the old 8 à Huit sign at the top right of the picture.

The supermarket stocks a good range of foodstuffs and domestic products including Bio items which I like to purchase for the vegetarian options and organic qualities.

New sign at the left of the door lists the services that the supermarket provide.

Due to corronavirud restrictions only five people are allowed into the supermarket at a time and at the entrance a table has been provided for hand sanitizer jel for use before you collect a basket or trolley. To reduce the chance of infection the handling fresh produce is off limits to shoppers so it is picked for you by Christian or Viginie. Social distancing rules are being observed and masks are recommended.

The new windows look really stylish

I must praise Christian and Virginie who arrive at the supermarket at six to half past everyday to insure that every basket, trolley, shelf etc. is cleaned before they open for customers.

Well done to you both for keeping the supermarket open and safe through this strange time that we are all living through. You two are village heroes.

Christian proudly showing the new name and opening hours signs.

Event:-don’t forget that the Daglan market is now open every Sunday morning.

Our First Weekly Market.

Sunday May 17th will be remembered for a long time, for this was the date of our first Sunday Market following the relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions. There were certain constraints, hydroalcoholic hand gel at the entry, barriers and tape marked out a one way system around the market stalls, respecting distance. Each stall was placed four meters away from the next and with a barrier or tape to separate the stalls from the public. The planning and organisation by the Marie was excellent, well done.

The psychological impact of going outside to the market and seeing people (at a distance) was brilliant. It really improved the feel good factor.

Barriers and tape were used to control the flow of people safely around the market.

Signs were placed on the corners saying how important it was to use face masks when outside.

Strawberries, fresh vegetables, lovely goats cheese, flowers, wine, clothing and jewellery were all available.

This particular stall was very popular.

We had a voucher that we won at last years flower competition and have been unable to redeem it because of the lock down. The good news is that we were able to exchange the voucher for flowers which are shown in the picture above. So very happy.

I have noticed that it is the little things in life that mean such a lot.

I Am Back?

Back to blogging and now able to venture outside for short outings. It has been a long road to recovery since my operation but I am improving day by day. Last Sunday afternoon was my first trip out in the car to Castlenaud. I did not get out of the car but oh my, it felt so good to sit for a while and watch the river Dordogne flow by.

Just a few steps out of our courtyard and I was in glorious sunshine.

Castlenaud, underneath the duck egg blue sky.

Just past the bridge at Castlenaud on the road to Milandes we stopped to watch the river. It is at a very high level but not going over the bank, thank goodness.

Paul took another picture for me from the opposite direction. It shows how very high and fast flowing the river is.

The first signs of Spring, on the branches of this tree are little catkins.

Not a lot of green on the trees yet but tiny buds and the ivy is showing signs of growth.

Le place de la Liberté, Daglan basking in the sunshine.

My second outing was yesterday to Cenac in the car. Very unsure if I could go inside the supermarket because I get tied very quickly and my back pain has returned. Enough of my moaning, the good news is that yes I was able to go to the supermarket and help Paul with shopping, a slow walk but I made it. Another first… Brilliant.


Sarlat, 15th February there will be a Cultural display at the Centre Culturel on Rue Gaubert, Sarlat.

Sarlat, 15th and 22nd February Truffle Festival

Daglan, Sunday 16th and Sunday 23rd at 11am, Daglan Truffle Market in the school yard behind the Mairie.

Daglan, March 22nd Come and Celebrate Spring with the Flower Festival.