On A Long Hot Summer Night

Now that Spring is here the thought of Summer is not too far away, my thoughts go back to the gorgeous days and warm nights of the Perigord last summer.

Castlenaud bathed in sunshineCastlenaud bathed in sunshine

a picnic on the shore We had a picnic on the shore and watched the canoes go by.

a swim in the dordogneSo hot that two dogs just had to go for a swim in the cooling water of the Dordogne.

This will be our last blog for a few weeks, we are going to France.
So once again our ‘to do’ list:-

1. Leave home after breakfast, awesome, the flight time has changed to one o’clock, so no getting up in the middle of the night.

2. Frantic rush in France to buy groceries at the Supermarket before it closes.

3. Check radiators for leaks, bucket in one hand and plumbers phone number in the other hand.

4. Clean and make up the beds, the house has been closed since last September but it gets so dirty.

5. We are in need of a chimney sweep before October so the hunt is on.

6. Order and take delivery of a couple of thousand litres of central heating oil.

7. Make a list of everything that we will need to buy at the DIY store-also a list for the market – shops will be closed for two or three days for Ascension Day ‘faire le pont’.

8. Visit friends

9. Work on the balcony-if sunny, it’s too open for our curious cats or make a boiler room door if raining, also too open for curious cats.

10. Enquire about a phone and internet connection

11. Visit Flea market in Sarlat

12. More cleaning and DIY

13. Our treat-visit Chateau de Hauteford

14. Paint the French window in the master bedroom

15. Visit more friends

Next blog on our return