A real tree or not a real tree that is the question!

We or rather I decided on a real tree for Christmas. “It would not be the same without a real tree “, I said. Paul however did point out that we had a new addition to our family this year, a four month old kitten, who loves to collect anything that is sparkly and has a ribbon attached. A prized collection which she stashes underneath my bed for later use. So far she has my beads, ribbons, Christmas paper, toys, glossy paper bags and string.

O.K, plan A, decorate the tree and see what happens or plan B decorate the tree, remove it to the balcony and clean up the mess.

A cautious plan A.
That's so mineCleo loves the tree but a little too much. “That’s so mine…”

Paul and I placed the baubles onto the tree while Cleo being helpful as ever tried to take them off. I did have a vision of a bare tree and Cleo sitting proudly, surrounded by baubles. However, after a few “no” accompanied by the pointing of the naughty finger Cleo calmed down. She still has a sneaky go now and again when she thinks she can get away with it but so far we have not had to resort to plan B, bless her she is so good.

Cleo and AngelCleo and Angel watching the supermarket being decorated.

brilliant with its gold bows and ribbonThe supermarket looks brilliant with its gold bows and ribbon.

 Joyeux NoëlJoyeux Noël from Daglan.

6 thoughts on “A real tree or not a real tree that is the question!

  1. I love your village Christmas news. As for your tree, you are brave! Our cat used to climb the tree trunk and nestle in the branches. But now he has passed on, and our current pet, a little Papillon, is happy to nap quietly on the tree skirt.

  2. Wishing you, Paul and Adam a blessed Christmas in Daglan, may 2017 bring you loads of love, laughter, health and happiness. Looking forward to your entertaining posts about your lovely part the world in the New Year.

  3. Thank you both and wishing you a brilliant Christmas and a Happy or rather Merry New Year. You have both brought happiness and joy into our lives, all the very best of everything see you soon

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