Easter Egg Treasure Hunt and Daglan Village

Children of all ages gathered at the local Primary School for the Easter Egg treasure hunt around Daglan village yesterday morning. Various eggs, candy and clues were hidden in and around the village but the one that the children wanted was the chocolate rabbit which found would lead to an Easter surprise.

On the hunt through and around the market.On the hunt through and around the market.

Hidden cluesOne clue was attached to the bush which was at the side of the supermarket. This is a smart little girl collecting all of the treats to share out later.

Eggs and candy's were hidden in and around our plants on the wall, but no rabbit! Eggs and candy’s were hidden in and around our plants on the wall, but no rabbit!

Daglan Village

Daglan MairieTaking a walk through the village this morning I could not resist taking another picture of our Mairie looking splendid in the morning sunshine.

Café de la Fleur Robin taking a well earned break on the balcony at Café de la Fleur.

flower pot men If anyone is in my age group you will remember Bill and Ben the flower pot men which was televised in the 1950’s and 1960’s in the UK.

the most gorgeous wisteriaThe wow factor, the most gorgeous wisteria I have ever seen is to be found next to Le Thé Vert in the village.

delicious chocolate cakeA special thank you to Chris and Virginie for this delicious chocolate cake. It is truly a chocoholics dream with every slice.

Happy Easter from Daglan

Easter Events:-

Sarlat and Marqueyssac are both holding Easter Treasure Hunts this weekend.

Daglan Spring Festival – Part two.

The variety of plants on display at the Daglan Spring Festival was amazing. Just one problem, I have a terrible memory for plant names, I just could not remember the names of any of the plants that I wanted for our balcony and courtyard. Luckily for me I have an expert on hand to help me out of this predicament. Sherry, an absolute marvel, from my description of the plants that I wanted she was able to tell me what I was looking for. Brilliant and thank you so much.

Taken from our balcony as the stalls were setting up, from pansies to fruit trees and plenty in between.

This is a local wine grower serving one of the older residents of the village. I can recommend his wine especially the rosé. In the lower left of the picture you will see a tray of ‘make your own wine kits’, various young grape vines.

Gorgeous variety and colour,

This flower seller has a stall on Daglan market every Sunday morning, she always has a wonderful variety of plants for sale.

I asked Paul to take a picture of an array of exotic bushes then I spotted an outstanding red rose and went in to investigate so spoiled the shot a little!

Children’s works of art around a bush in the Presbytère garden.

It does not matter what event is taking place in the village all the community works together. These lovely flowers were made by the children from the school in Daglan

Paul and I bought tickets for the tombola and what a surprise, we won a prize, a gorgeous apple tree. Which was presented to Paul by our Maire Pascal Dussol, who informed Paul that the tree will produce wonderful Daglan apples.
Paul brought the tree into the kitchen for me to look at, Cleo loved it so much that she gave it a large cat hug!

Only yesterday morning Paul and I where wondering where we could place the fat balls for the birds, problem solved, the branches of our prize are perfect… brilliant.

Event:- Happy Birthday Judith and a very happy ongoing 25th Wedding Anniversary to you and Paul.

Daglan Spring Festival – Part one

Daglan hosted its second spring festival yesterday (19th March) and it was a brilliant success. Paul and I had a wonderful day looking at the array of plants which lined the square, around the church and down the main road. There was so much to choose from that we must have walked around the displays at least four times before deciding what to buy.

This is why I need to split our blog into two. The plants will be in our second blog but first was the very moving ceremony at the side of our local church.

Maire P. Dussol, officials and dignitaries at the inauguration of the new monument in Daglan.

To the memory of the fighters and victims of North Africa and Indochina
1946 – 1962

“Tolerance is a virtue that makes peace possible”
Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations 2001


La Marseillaise.
On the cushion was a medal for one of our local heroes.

A very proud villager was presented with a combatant cross.

Wonderful, a very moving and uplifting ceremony.


21st March – Jardins de Marqueyssac will be celebrating their 20th anniversary with an open door event with free entry.

22nd March at 9AM – Children’s Carnival, Daglan


Soirée Musicale at Café de la Fleur

Last Saturday evening we enjoyed a musical evening with friends from our village. The band, Gizah, where really good, playing a mixture of jazz and Latin. But it was the unexpected extra entertainment that was so fascinating. The band had set up to play in front of the toilet which for me, who absolutely loves people watching, became even more of a place of interest. Diners had to negotiate around or through the band, stepping over cables to get to the toilet and back. A mixture of Yoga, Limbo dancing and moves which I had never seen before were performed to a high standard, all taken with great amusement.

jazz and LatinGizah played a mixture of jazz and Latin.

In with the price was a three course meal with a vegetarian option brilliant.

Special menu for the evening was:-
Jazz soup or vegetable soup with home made bread.
Roast beef or vegetable steak with Rosti apples, Salad and Garlic Sauce.
House gâteau with ice cream and cream.


Half way through the meal most of the restaurant lights went out but it was no problem at all, Robin the owner rushed around placing more candles onto each table and everyone carried on eating and enjoying themselves in the glow of the candle light.

Friends enjoying the evening
at Café de la FleurEnjoying the evening by candle light.

La Vie en RoséOur first bottle of this vintage, very nice.

Thank you Robin and Charlotte for a wonderful night, see you soon.



Sarlat : Chocolate Festival this weekend.

Daglan : Spring Festival 19th March
Daglan Spring Festival 19th March



New Year Resolutions.

I do not know about you but I always make a few new year resolutions which seem to fade away by the end of January. However, this year I really mean (this has also been said before) to get fitter, learn more French and improve my embroidery skills. We will see how it goes.

It is always delightful to see the Primary School children who were in the Square a few days ago. At first I thought that it was a treasure hunt, but no… much to the excitement of the children the teachers where attaching coloured paper to the various trees. In fact the trees of Daglan are now decked in new year resolution and wishes signs written by the children. So sweet, Paul and I walked from tree to tree reading them.

dscn2188Quite a few say that they will try to eat less chocolate.

dscn2175Others wish to be kinder to animals or look after animals more. A few promise to look after the old people in the village. Being old(ish) myself I was very pleased with this one. Some wish for peace in Syria and around the world

dscn2172One wishes to reduce pollution, which I thought was brilliant.

What a wonderful idea.

Lastly Paul and I would like to thank the Maire, M. Pascal Dussol and the Committee of Daglan, it was a really nice shock to see our blog mentioned has part of the traditional voeux de Maire speech of the year at the Salle de Fete last night, it was unexpected and indeed an honour.

Events – Truffle Festival in Sarlat on the 14th and 15th January.

Messing around by the River.

“If we had no Winter, the Spring and Summer would not be so pleasant”, Anne Bradstreet.

When the nights start to draw in and the temperature starts to plummet it is good to look back to last Summer.

Paul and I love to take a walk no matter what the season and last Summer was our first full Summer here in Daglan so we made the most of the sunny days. We had just walked through the village along the main road towards Saint Cybranet and turned right at the stables to bring us to the Céou River. It was a really hot day so we stopped to have a rest and chill out a little by the old water mill.

Unsure if the man and his two dogs were fellow villagers or here on holiday, but they were great fun. He had thrown the ball into the river so that the dogs would go in, retrieve the ball and stay cool at the same time. A good plan but it did not work, neither of the dogs would go into the water. So Paul took off his sandals and paddled into the river to retrieve the ball. The water was not very deep and he soon threw the ball for the dogs waiting on dry land.

Paddling in the Céou RiverMessing around in the River

‘The best laid plans of mice and men’ sprung to mind when the Border Collie’s thought ‘wow, good game’ and hit the ball back into the river for Paul to retrieve. Needless to say I had to stop laughing in order to take the pictures.

Just a few more times please“Just a few more times please”.

How to be a great artist:-
Assuming the Poseone has to stand in a certain way!

The artist is Dominique Allaërt who held an exhibition at the Presbytère throughout the summer, he will be returning to Daglan next Summer for his second exhibition here.

By the way the painting was wonderful.

I hope that the above pictures warmed you a little on a cold and damp day.

Event:- 4th December at 3 o’clock at the Salle de Fate, Daglan. Theatre, 8€ each

Grand Inauguration of the Renovated Marie and Post Office

One of the many reasons that we love the village of Daglan is the coming together of the people that live in and around the village. There is an excellent community spirit for helping and celebrating the achievements of the village. The most recent achievement is the renovation of the Mairie which now includes the Post Office.

A few days ago we received an invitation to the Grand Inauguration which took place this morning and was attended by most of the villagers, the Maire and dignitaries from the Perigord.

Daglan Mairie Our splendid Mairie with its grand tower

Our Maire, Pascal Dussol, guided the dignitaries, followed by a precession of the guests, around the municipal projects of Daglan. First we went to the Presbytère which was used as a temporary Mairie during the renovations and will now be put to use as art rooms, a library and music room. Then the long parade were shown the new apartments which were created in an old building and are designed for young families. Next was the Cemetery which has been extended.

View over Daglan and the Céou valley.From the Cemetery there are gorgeous views over Daglan and the Céou valley.

Then the precession returned to the Mairie.

Scissors on a velvet cushionWhere M. Dussol was presented with a pair of scissors on a velvet cushion by a very cute little girl from the local Primary school.

After cutting the ribbon we were invited to inspect the renovation work. It looked splendid, keeping the original features it is modern and efficient. To the right of the reception area is the new post office. The building which used to house the post office is for sale which will generate money for Daglan and the community.

Exposed stone and the superb fireplace and bread ovenThe committee/conference room with the exposed stone and the superb fireplace and bread oven.

Grand Inauguration of the Renovated Marie, DaglanBefore the buffet and wine came the speeches from the Marie, and august dignitaries, the Prefect de la Dordogne, Depute de la Dordogne President du Conseil Departmental, Vice-President du Senat Senateur de la Dordogne and Conseillere Departmental du canton de la vallee Dordogne. It was an honour for the Marie and for the village for them all to attend. They all spoke highly of the village, one said, “Perfect location, perfect village and people”. Wonderful.