Provençal Fougasse Bread in all of its varieties is wonderful in whatever area of France you may be in. We love fresh bread and I bake at least one a week at home in England, particular French or Italian bread, try Provencal fougasse, it’s delicious warm out of the oven on its own or with cheese and wine.

Provençal Fougasse


Walnut BreadOne of the culinary joys this time of year is the new season of walnuts. Rich in fibres, an excellent source of manganese and essential vitamins.
The walnuts add a wonderful flavour to the bread, its a real treat eaten with cheese.

Walnut Bread

Lentil and Vegetable Soup

A hearty Vegetable Soup
As the days get shorter and leaves begin to fall from the trees we have noticed some oddly shaped and coloured vegetables appear on our local market stalls.
A seasonal call for soups made from root vegetables.
Lentil and Vegetable Soup


DATE AND WALNUT LOAF If you only bring one thing from the Perigord Noir, it must be walnuts. This region is famous for them in their many forms from fresh or prepacked walnuts in the local markets to walnut wine, walnut liqueur, walnut gateau and not forgetting walnuts in chocolate or caramel.
All are just delicious. Every time we go to France I bring back a few prepacked packets of walnuts.

This is a tried and trusted recipe. Date and walnut loaf


RICH FRUIT CAKE I have been making Christmas cakes for the past forty one years and I have tried a few recipes but this particular one is our favourite.

The recipe is adapted from a 1972 Family Circle magazine.

Rich Fruit Cake


Bûche de Noël
The literal translation of Buche de Noel is Christmas log and it is thought that this chocolate flavoured sponge replaced the centuries-old tradition of choosing and burning a Yule log when open fires became less commonplace.

Bûche de Noël


GÂTEAU AU CHOCOLATE I made this as our New Year treat. However, I did point out to Paul that this was my first attempt at making this gâteau so it may not turn out right, in fact he may not see it at all. I’m glad to say the gâteau did cook perfectly it looked and tasted good and tasted a lot lighter than I expected for a dense chocolate gâteau.

Gâteau au Chocolate


YORKSHIRE SULTANA AND LEMON TEACAKES Yorkshire, home of cricket, real ale and wool. The English county nestled in the north east is also known for its tea, and traditional Yorkshire teacake is the perfect accompaniment. The Yorkshire teacake is best enjoyed with a cup of tea, split, toasted and buttered, the currant-filled baked treat is an indulgent pleasure that is delicious.

Yorkshire Sultana And Lemon Teacakes


This American salad was created at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. The tart combination of apple and celery makes it an excellent counter-balance to rich meats such as duck and pork.

This is for about six people


Mango Chutney
Mangoes were inexpensive at our supermarket a few weeks ago, so having never made mango chutney before I thought that I would try out this recipe …
… delicious.

Mango Chutney


With the summer glut of tomatoes its time to preserve some of those delicious, straight from the vine tomatoes for the taste of Summer in the Winter months,.

So if you have your own home grown or tomatoes buy them from a farmers market use a couple of kg and try it out. The taste is fabulous, much better than tinned tomatoes.
Preserved Tomatoes


These very tasty American chocolate cookies have a hint of crunchy peanut butter and are quick and easy to make.


All American Chocolate Cookies

Lavender and Blackberry Ice Cream.

This is a gorgeous creamy ice cream full of the lavender aroma and taste. With the crunch of the blackberries.

We were told that lavender ice cream is delicious by Hayley and Paul who came to visit us a few weeks ago. So I gave it a try and yes I totally agree with them.

Lavender and Blackberry Ice Cream.


STRAWBERRY YOGHURT ICE CREAM This yogurt ice cream is delicious and so refreshing on a hot summers day. It has a igh fruit content which gives it a slight texture. It is best eaten when half-frozen.
Only Calories per serving: 195 Low in fat and cholesterol, high in vitamin C

Strawberry Yoghurt Ice Cream



On a hot day there is nothing more refreshing than home made lemonade.

This particular variety is made with honey.

Honey Lemonade

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