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Daglan main street

Daglan main road
Rue de la République

Place de la Liberté

Daglan main square
Place de la Liberté

View over Daglan

You can see our house from here. View of Daglan from the south side of the Céou Valley

Church of St. Martin.

The fourteenth century Church of St. Martin, Daglan.

Church of St. Martin

An old postcard of the Place de la Liberté and the Church of St. Martin

River Céou

River Céou

River Céou

River Céou

Sunny afternoon

Sunny afternoon in a friends garden

Such pretty flowers

Such pretty flowers

Flooding after the rains of early 2016

Flooding after the rains of early 2016

Surrounding Area


Castelnaud taken from under the bridge. Just 10km from Daglan
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Beynac taken from one of our favourite picnic spots. 4km from Castelnaud
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Sunflowers with Château de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle in the background

Josephine Baker, les Milandes

Josephine Baker, les Milandes

Dordogne River

Dordogne River at Castelnaud-la-Chapelle


Heron looking for breakfast on the Dordogne River

Is this a little bit or ancient Rome

Is this a little bit or ancient Rome in Saint Cyprien?

Interesting?… I think so

Chillies growing in a pot outside the Fabrice Le Chief Boutique

Chillies growing in a pot

Almost ready

Almost ready

Colourful characters of the Dordogne

Colourful characters of the Dordogne

So proud

So proud, a resident of jardins de Marqueyssac

Taking a morning stroll

Taking a morning stroll






Chocolate… Chocolate…
ymmm, this is really chocolate


Recent Posts

Fête de La Saint-Louis – Daglan

Preparation have been under way for days and weeks so the stage was set for the biggest event of the year, The annual Fête de La Saint-Louis held last weekend.

The bumper cars had somehow wrapped themselves around the fountain, it amazes me how such a huge arena can fit in the Square de La Liberty. The loud-speakers were raised into place but silence reigned over the village.

My eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light.
That split the night
And touched the Sound of Silence.
And in the naked light I saw.
Ten thousand people, maybe more.

  • Simon and Garfunkel.

    Then the noise started, the bumpers cars on their own are fine, However, when the music starts the whole of the house shakes to the rhythm of the loud thumping bass. Only once a year over four nights without sleep. We can do this.

    My moan about the bumper cars is over… The highlight of the weekend is always the carnival through the streets of Daglan which takes place on the Sunday.

    This years theme was historic inventions,

    The first float was the most important invention, a still.

    The invention of plastic.

    A brilliant air-plane (RAF).

    The amount of work that goes into creating the floats each year is amazing.

    People danced and sang along along with the band.

    The invention of the steam paddle boat, complete with life saving equipment and bottles of, well not sure but the passengers loved it.

    Laurel and Hardy (left of the picture) can be seen running to catch the train. The awesome train had first and third class compartments. First class with comfy chairs, candelabra, champagne etc. Third class I am afraid had only wooden seats. all very true of the time period.

    People in costumes who rode or walked beside the train.

    I was so pleased to see two of the nurses that have helped my recovery. I cannot thank you enough, you are brilliant.


    29th August.
    Musketeers of Roy. The son of the Lord of Caumont is looking for musketeers to present to the King, (Children only). Who will dress in musketeer costumes and discover fencing in complete safety. The workshop lasts about thirty minutes. Castelnaud-la-Chapelle

    7th and 8th September
    20th Dordogne-Perigord Canoe/Kayak Marathon from Saint Julien de Lampon to Castelnaud-la-Chapelle.

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