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Daglan main street

Daglan main road
Rue de la République

Place de la Liberté

Daglan main square
Place de la Liberté

View over Daglan

You can see our house from here. View of Daglan from the south side of the Céou Valley

Church of St. Martin.

The fourteenth century Church of St. Martin, Daglan.

Church of St. Martin

An old postcard of the Place de la Liberté and the Church of St. Martin

River Céou

River Céou

River Céou

River Céou

Sunny afternoon

Sunny afternoon in a friends garden

Such pretty flowers

Such pretty flowers

Flooding after the rains of early 2016

Flooding after the rains of early 2016

Surrounding Area


Castelnaud taken from under the bridge. Just 10km from Daglan
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Beynac taken from one of our favourite picnic spots. 4km from Castelnaud
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Sunflowers with Château de Castelnaud-la-Chapelle in the background

Josephine Baker, les Milandes

Josephine Baker, les Milandes

Dordogne River

Dordogne River at Castelnaud-la-Chapelle


Heron looking for breakfast on the Dordogne River

Is this a little bit or ancient Rome

Is this a little bit or ancient Rome in Saint Cyprien?

Interesting?… I think so

Chillies growing in a pot outside the Fabrice Le Chief Boutique

Chillies growing in a pot

Almost ready

Almost ready

Colourful characters of the Dordogne

Colourful characters of the Dordogne

So proud

So proud, a resident of jardins de Marqueyssac

Taking a morning stroll

Taking a morning stroll






Chocolate… Chocolate…
ymmm, this is really chocolate


Recent Posts

Enter three Witches.

“When shall we three meet again.
In thunder,
or in rain”.

A great place to meet on a Daglan Halloween was not the Heath but at the village 8 à Huit supermarket. It was a hub of life or should that be death with skeleton decorations placed around the till area, and a table set up near the entrance with drinks, cakes and candies.

The table is where I treated myself to a slice of chocolate cake, which was very yummy. There was also vanilla cake, chocolate marble cake and candies. Which were all much appreciated by the customers.

A yummy treat.

Getting into the spirit of things we see Virginie standing outside the supermarket.

We had a busy Halloween this year with nine groups of children and adults calling, all in costume and all looking amazing.

Look at these two trick or treaters, so cute.

There are many interesting folk legends in France, one that is less blood curdling is the Sarramauca.

A cauchemar (nightmare) was long thought to be caused by a creature that came at night and sat on the chest of the sleeping persons to stop them from breathing correctly. In the Occitan language, Sarramauca means ‘to tighten the chest/stomach” and refers to the feeling of breathlessness.

In our home the Sarramauca is our cat Angel who delights in sitting on my chest in order to wake me up in the morning for her breakfast.

Long ago many deaths were attributed to the Sarramauca and people would try remedies similar to those used to protect themselves against witchcraft. I wonder if they would work on Angel! Animal friendly ones of course.

No such remedies here, I love the eve of Halloween.

Where the place?
Upon the Heath.
There to meet with Macbeth.
I come, Graymalkin.
Paddock calls anon:
Fair is foul, and foul is fair,
Hover through the fog and filthy air.
(From scene 1.1 Macbeth)

No tricks here please just chocolate treats.

Awesome costumes. Thanks to everyone for stopping by, you made our night.


Due to illness both here and in England there will be no blog next week.

So take care and we hope to blog again the week after.

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