St Cyprien Félibrée 2018

Félibrée is a traditional Occitan Festival which takes place every year in a town or village in the Perigord. The festival has been running since 1903 and takes place over three days and involves a range of traditional events. This year it is the turn of St Cyprien to host the 99th Félibrée.

Over the last few months a great deal of planning, arranging and decorating has taken place in order to create the wonderful decorations which adorn the streets, squares and alleyways in St Cyprien. 300,000 flowers, poppies, sunflowers, wisteria and crosses have been made from paper and plastic.

This Gorgeous arcade of paper wisteria is my favourite.


An Occitan cross.


Cameras at the ready everyone, the traditional dancing is about to take place.


Hundreds of children from every age group from different villages came together for the dancing and the celebrations yesterday afternoon.
This group wore the traditional Occitan cross.


A stage had been erected in the main car park where the bands vocalist told the children the dance moves before the start of every dance, for example ‘go to the right, two to the left, to the back, then forward, turn and clap’.


Children in traditional French costume looked amazing under the canopy of flowers.


So cute this group of children were among the youngest dancers enjoying the celebrations.


There are lots of stalls set up along the main streets, squares, car parks and side streets. Selling hand crafted jewellery, clothes, lace, linen, wooden toys, food etc.



Félibrée 2018, Saint Cyprien, 29th June to 1st July.

Candlelight night at Les Jardins de Marqueyssac every Thursday night from the 5th July.

National Day in France.14th July Fire work displays in every village, town and cities throughout France.


Have you seen the fairies dance upon a Summers night?

Marqueyssac by candlelight is amazing. Illuminated by over two thousand candles the gardens at Marqueyssac are a site to see. We arrived just before dusk and took refreshments at a table with a breath-taking view across the Dordogne valley where we could see Castelnaud, Fayrac and Beynac Château’s.

As dusk slowly arrived we walked through the candle lit gardens towards the increasing sound of music and children’s laughter. I would highly recommend anyone to visit the gardens at night, every Thursday evening in July and August from seven to midnight.

Fairies on stilts, “Les Marraines Fees” by the Lilous Company.

The faces of the children as they where sprinkled with fairy dust was brilliant. The costumes and the make up are outstanding.

A magical moment that the children will never forget.

Various niches, fountains and rocks around the garden are illuminated.
This particular fountain changed from yellow to purple to red and back again.

Jazz and blues on the Esplanade by Karima and Oliver. They are brilliant.

Classical music in a circle of light by DJamano.

I am unsure what dance Judith and I were performing in the above picture but we all had a terrific time. My friend Michelle was taking a selfy as light scattered around us.

At last we saw ‘Kan’ the L’allosaure which is new to the gardens this year.

The Tour de France goes through Perigord on Tuesday, wow. 178Km from Périgueux, through Sarlat and on to Bergerac. Tour De France Stage 10

Daglan events;-



Once more, here is Sarlat.

For no other reason than I never get tied of taking pictures of this medieval/renaissance town, especially on market days. It is magical but you need to arrive early if you want to park your car during the tourist season. On a Saturday and Wednesday morning fresh produce is for sale along the pedestrianised Place de la Liberté which runs all the way down the old quarter, while on Saturday, along the main Rue de la République you can buy anything from shoes, leather goods, linen clothes, books, toys, tableware and more.

Ready to sell their fruit, vegetables, cheeses, bread and cakes.

A walnut grinder demonstration.

Fantastic display of mushrooms.

We always make a point of wondering the maze of side streets of Sarlat to find hidden gems. This gem of a courtyard was found down Rue Alberic Cahuet. I love the old stones which they used for planters and the olive tree centrepiece.

Second hidden gem, flower pots shaped to sit perfectly onto the iron rail. what a brilliant idea.


Sarlat market days, Wednesday for fresh produce and Saturday for the full market.

Daglan, market every Sunday morning.

La Rogue-Gageac market every Friday morning.

Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, Brocante, 13th July 8:00 to 18:00

Marqueyssac – Candlelight evening with entertainment. Every Thursday from seven PM until midnight in July and August.

Les Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac

Part Three

This section is on the Château, aviary and gift shop.

The Château was built in the 17th century by Bertrand Vernet de Marqueyssac, counsellor to Louis XIV. It has been under restoration since 1996. Although there is a great deal of work to do and much of the interior cannot be seen, the rooms available are very beautiful and so is the outside, and therefore along with everything else it is still worth a visit.

This is the view of the impressive Château that you get when you first enter the estate

Le château

Le château

The bedroom is gorgeous, “Can I have a bedroom like this one Paul?”

la chambre

La chambre

I would love this dinning room too.

La salle à manger

La salle à manger

A close up of just one of the many white doves in the aviary

The aviary

The aviary

I really must return to the gift shop for one or two of these gorgeous antique style jars.

Glassware, one of the displays in the gift shop

Glassware, one of the displays in the gift shop

Les Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac

Part Two

On all saints Day 19th October to 3rd November 2013: there will be ‘acrobatic’ races on the cliff side, plus an arts and crafts workshop and ‘curious about nature’ wood turning.

In 1860 Julien de Cervel began to plant thousands of boxwood trees and carved them (with help) into fabulous shapes, according to the Italian style at that time. However, in the second half of the twentieth century the garden and château fell into a state of disrepair. This was remedied by the new owner, Kleber Rossillon, who in 1966 began restoring the gardens and Château to their former glory. He has also added a few interesting features, the rosemary garden and the water fall from the fabulous belvedere (balcony high above the river).
In 1997, the gardens were classified amongst the Notable Gardens of France by the Committee of Parks and Gardens of the French Ministry of Culture.

These boxwood trees just look like they are tumbling down the side of the bank.

tumbling boxwood's

tumbling boxwood’s

This is one of my favourite places to visit. The swirling rosemary which is surrounded by lavender, the smell is wonderful.

Rosemary garden

Rosemary garden

Truly a work of art

Artistic cut

Artistic cut

A view across the Dordogne to my favourite castle-Castlenaud.

The neighbours place

The neighbours place

An avenue amongst the six kilometres of shaded path, the shade is very welcome on a hot day.

Shady walks

Shady walks

The last picture of the garden is Paul taking in the wonderful view over La Rogue-Gageac from outside the cabane en pierre sèche, (dry stone hut). The bell roof of stone is a work of genius, constructed entirely by hand each stone is fitted together without mortar to form the bell shape

Viewing the view

Viewing the view