Daglan Spring Festival – Part two.

The variety of plants on display at the Daglan Spring Festival was amazing. Just one problem, I have a terrible memory for plant names, I just could not remember the names of any of the plants that I wanted for our balcony and courtyard. Luckily for me I have an expert on hand to help me out of this predicament. Sherry, an absolute marvel, from my description of the plants that I wanted she was able to tell me what I was looking for. Brilliant and thank you so much.

Taken from our balcony as the stalls were setting up, from pansies to fruit trees and plenty in between.

This is a local wine grower serving one of the older residents of the village. I can recommend his wine especially the rosé. In the lower left of the picture you will see a tray of ‘make your own wine kits’, various young grape vines.

Gorgeous variety and colour,

This flower seller has a stall on Daglan market every Sunday morning, she always has a wonderful variety of plants for sale.

I asked Paul to take a picture of an array of exotic bushes then I spotted an outstanding red rose and went in to investigate so spoiled the shot a little!

Children’s works of art around a bush in the Presbytère garden.

It does not matter what event is taking place in the village all the community works together. These lovely flowers were made by the children from the school in Daglan

Paul and I bought tickets for the tombola and what a surprise, we won a prize, a gorgeous apple tree. Which was presented to Paul by our Maire Pascal Dussol, who informed Paul that the tree will produce wonderful Daglan apples.
Paul brought the tree into the kitchen for me to look at, Cleo loved it so much that she gave it a large cat hug!

Only yesterday morning Paul and I where wondering where we could place the fat balls for the birds, problem solved, the branches of our prize are perfect… brilliant.

Event:- Happy Birthday Judith and a very happy ongoing 25th Wedding Anniversary to you and Paul.

Fred and Ethel!

It is pouring with rain today so a walk down the many pretty lanes near our village is out of the question. However, we did take some pictures a few days ago on our cold but sunny morning walk.

Walk through our village of Daglan and turn tight in the direction of Saint-Cybranet you will see Fred and Ethel guarding one of the local fields.

Fred and EthelFred and Ethel, as you can see are stick people relaxed and leaning backwards, Fred on the left and Ethel on the right. I really should get out more!

After taking the picture of Fred and Ethel I realised that the local stable ‘Les Écuries Du Claud’ looks like it is sinking slowly into the mire!

dscn2326The stables are build below road level but the effect is quite unusual. You can see Peyruzel on top of the hill in the background.

Turn right at Les Euries du Claud and it will take you along a lovely country lane.
dscn2318You will walk alongside the river Céou on the left and see more horses on the right.

dscn2331Passing the time of day chatting with one of the locals.

Walk a little further and you arrive at a park, there are wooden benches here so that you can sit and enjoy the view.

dscn2333Spring is in the air, Catkins by the turbulent river.

dscn2338Back into Daglan and a gorgeous array of colour.

Halloween and All Saints Day

Halloween is the contraction of “All Hallows Eve” the tradition originates from Samhains Day. He was born in Ireland and the legend states that he was nicknamed Jack O’Lantern. He was a drunkard who would stagger around with his lantern in his hand and who cheated the devil twice. After his death, his soul could not enter Heaven or Hell, but he convinced the Devil to give him a fire ember which he put into a hollowed out turnip to provide light for himself in his everlasting wanderings. When the potato famine struck, the Irish people who immigrated to the USA took many myths and legends with them, and so the tradition of Halloween began.


Halloween Shop DisplayOne of my favourite shops in Sarlat, I love the pumpkin.


Haloween PumpkinPaul scooped out the pulp so that I could make pumpkin, ginger and carrot soup and then I carved the face, basic I know but I am trying.
Practice is needed I think!


HalloeenThe pumpkin in the window, illuminated with a cherry scented candle inside, it gave the pumpkin a strange red tint but it smelt gorgeous.

We had more children at our door this year, three groups, the costumes were brilliant and they all came with bags for the sweets. Our kitten Cleo was not too happy, she took one look at the costumes and ran up the stairs to peep around the corner at the children.

Many Catholics throughout France honour their Saints, Martyrs and deceased loved ones on the 1st November, known as ‘All Saints Day’ or ‘All Hallows’, called ‘La Toussaint’ in France. Our village is no exception, so many people attended the church service this morning, after which they took flowers to the cemetery. It is customary for people to place flowers, gifts and candles onto the tombs and graves of their loved ones. La Toussaint is a National Holiday where administrative offices, shops, restaurants, banks etc. are closed so that families can honour this day.


Chrysanthemums are known as the flower for the deadChrysanthemums were in every market to buy. In France and Italy, Chrysanthemums are known as the flower for the dead.


It was Pope Gregory IV who in 835 ordered all of the Christians to celebrate Toussaint. The date and custom actually derives from the start of the potato harvest when children would join with their families to bring in the harvest of potatoes in early November.



8th to 11th November : Film Festival in Sarlat.
11th November : Armistice Day.
3rd to 12th December: Truffle Market Sarlat.


The Purple Pansy Eater of Daglan!

After filling our tiny border with pansies last Spring a curious thing happened over night, something had selected pansies to eat and not just any pansies but only purple flowering pansies! Whatever it was left the yellow, orange and the white pansies alone. Thank goodness my sister was visiting, she remembered an old Yorkshire trick of putting a glass in the soil which was part filled with beer, the slugs love beer and would fall into it quite happily. No more problems we thought… incorrectly, during the Summer months another curious thing happened, again it seemed at night when another selective insect or slug had arrived which eats every leaf in sight except our jasmine plant!

Purple Pansy

An example of one of our tomato plants which resembles worn lace curtaining after a cat had played with it for a while – large and small holes on every leaf. After a few weeks the beast strips the leaves and in a few cases it kills the plant. We tried several home made remedies and some shop bought repellent which the insect or slug seemed to love because they returned for more. Then friends of ours were talking to an artist, who was exhibiting his paintings in Daglan, about garden problems and he told them that this problem was new to the area and had happened in his garden in Beynac. He went on to tell them what the problem could be and how it could be treated.


The culprit that the artist described was this particular moth, it’s the larvae that does the damage. So armed with this local knowledge we can now make up a spray for the moth larvae and a backup of slug pellets which are both animal and environmental friendly. So far so good no more problems we hope!

If you have this problem the moth treatment is called Pyrale du Buis and the slug pellets are called Anti-Limaces Ferramol which you can buy from a DIY store or Garden Centre.


Now for the wow factor in our garden, two bunches of grapes ripening in the sun. I know not many and we will never be in competition with the local vineyards in our area but it is our first ever grape vine, so our first babies. The vine was bought as a twig which blossomed, the instructions said not to let it set fruit for the first year, but…



Now they are nearly ready to eat, Paul and I just tasted a couple of grapes – wow



A couple of new additions to our meagre garden, we have a well which we were not using until a few weeks ago. Now we have a water pump that has helped tremendously in the hot weather to water our plants which seem to thrive on the fresh spring water.  We also have a water feature that looks great and our cat, the birds and bees use it to drink from.

Event:- Brocante 4th September at La Roque-Gageac.

News:- Johnny Depp has relisted his French estate for sale at wait for it … €50 million, which is double its original asking price. The former village near St-Tropez was marketed by Sotherby’s International in June 2015 but was removed from the market after a few months. It centres around a village square and includes a church which was converted into a guest house, his former five bedroom home has a pirate themed wine cellar, two pools and a art studio… any takers?


Concours des Maisons Fleuries.

Flower competition in the village of Daglan.

This year one of the well deserved joint first prizes for Concours des Maisons Fleuries goes to Sherry and Angus for their gorgeous garden. When you think that not so long ago their garden was a wilderness which was full of overgrown shrub and weeds, you’ll appreciate the time and effort they have put into creating a prize winning garden. The wow factor was produced by Sherry’s expert eye and skill of planting is outstanding.

Garden flower competitionThe front of their property, an array of colour from the hanging baskets to the borders and pots.

Garden flower competitionSherry relaxing in her garden.

Garden flower competitionTo the winner, Certificate, champagne and a voucher to spend in the supermarket in the village.

Garden flower competitionI particularly love this ancient stone which they found hidden in the undergrowth.

Garden flower competitionExpert planting was used to create this beautiful garden. I am terrible at remembering the name of plants, so sorry, but I will find out if anyone would like any more details.

Garden flower competitionSherry and Angus petit lane in the shade of the garden.

Garden flower competitionFrom the colours of the stunning plants to the lighting, gorgeous.

Garden flower competitionJoint first prize also goes this year to Madame Allo.

Garden flower competitionHere is her stunning garden and pool, which is to be found at the edge of the village near Pont Neuf.

Garden flower competition1st Priz for flowered balcony – Monsieur Salamitte.

Garden flower competitionHere is his gorgeous balcony, congratulations.

Event:-4th September a Brocante at La Roque-Gageac

Bonne Chance Daglan

Village of Flowers (Villes et Villages Fleuris) is awarded each year by the National Council of Towns and Villages in Bloom (Council National des Villes et Villages Fleuris). During the inspection the council takes into account certain criteria such as landscape, plant heritage, floral displays and respect for the natural environment. The village or town may then be awarded one or more flowers, four being the highest level. It is similar to the star system you see on a hotel for example two or five stars. Bergerac is the proud owner of four flowers on its sign and Montfort has three flowers.

Today is Daglans big day when the Council will arrive for the inspection and the village I must say is looking awesome in bloom, but I am just a little bit bias.


Bonn Chance DaglanGorgeous trumpet like flowers are growing from a climbing plant across the road from Fabrice de Chief Cantina.


DSCN1509Not sure what the creature represents but it looks great lurking among the lavender
It was made by the children in the primary school in the village.


DSCN1504Looking out from our balcony to the village square which is adorned with flowers.

Event:-Belves Fate Medieval on 6th and 7th August


Blooming Daglan

It does not matter if you have a small balcony, or a large garden, everywhere you look there are a variety of flowers in bloom that smell divine. People take pride in their displays of roses, carnations, lavender, pansies etc. I feel sure that Daglan could put itself forward for “one of the prettiest villages in France awards.”

Here are just a few of the many gardens on display.

Each balustrade in Daglan has cascading flowers. This particular courtyard has highly perfumed red roses, that draw you in as you walk by.


DSCN1348The colours are magnificent, vivid purple flowers work perfectly with the grey and blue stones at the side of this property.

DSCN1373I call this ‘horse shoe cottage of pink roses’


DSCN1374Gorgeous white roses at the side of one of our neighbours home, the scent is amazing.


Our own veranda at the back of our property, with the budding grape vine on the left which seems to grow bigger and more lush every day.

Blooming DaglanJust two months ago it resembled a small twig and look at it now.


DSCN1369Pretty pink, purple and white fuchsias on our balcony at the front of the property.


It is always a good idea to look at the garden’s and flowers of the village in order to see what will grow and what will not in this part of France. Up to now we have found that hyacinth plants bloom more than once in this climate and pansies seem to bloom from March onwards, if they are not eaten by the dreaded “purple pansy eaters”. I know that it sounds strange but we have a variety of different coloured pansies but slugs only eat the purple ones and nothing else. The solution is to use a tried and trusted method of planting an empty jam jar in the soil and part filling the jar with beer (thank you Sis for the suggestion). It worked, it seems that slugs love the beer more than purple pansies and we do too, nice and refreshing on a hot day.


DSCN1346I know that the above is not strictly in Daglan but it is so gorgeous we just had to stop and take a picture of a field of poppies on our way home from Cenac.


Do not miss Castelnaud la Chapelle antique fair and vintage car show on the 4th and 5th> June.

Daglan flowers on display throughout the summer so take a look when you next visit.