The capital of Purple Perigord

Good news, our flight timetable has altered, no more getting up before dawn in order to reach the airport in Liverpool or Bergerac. We now have plenty of time on our return to take in the magnificent scenery along the leisurely drive from Daglan and make stop overs in Bergerac for lunch as an added extra bonus.

Cyrano the poetic cavalier with the big nose. Cyrano de bergerac

During our last visit there was a Jazz Festival in Bergerac, with musicians attending from all over the world for evening performances. Some enterprising groups took to the streets to entertain the shoppers.musiciansThese two gentleman above were entertaining the lunchtime crowds. We had just finished our lunch when we spotted a young boy running up to the musicians and asking them if they would play, “You’re simply the best”, for his mother. Which they played impromptu, to the applause and spontaneous singing from the crowd.

It is market day in Bergerac every Saturday morning, and what a market it is, the largest market in the area, taking hours to go round, with everything you could possible want to buy. market day

Medieval, half-timbered houses line the streets in the old quarter.half timbered houses

Bergerac is famous of course for its wine, but also for its National Institute du Tabac and its museum of tabac. Tobacco was first popularised in France by Catherine Medici who used it to cure her migraines!
National Institute du Tabac


On the D704, Montignac was once a busy river port that sits on the banks of the Vezere river, its wooden balconies reflect peacefully across the waters. Although feared for its ferocious counts in the Middle Ages, Montignac rose to fame in 1940, when a pit was discovered by some local boys and their dog. What they found was the nonpareil masterpiece of prehistoric cave paintings. The name of course was Lascaux.

Gorgeous examples of Medieval dwellings at the side of the river, which have been turned into restaurants and boutique shops.Medieval dwellings

All of the restaurants have outside space so that you can watch the river with its many ducks paddling the river

Flanagan’s Restaurant were Paul and I stopped for lunch.Flanagan’s Restaurant

I just had to take this picture of our desserts, delicious.delicious desserts


Gastronomy and Taste Festival 26th and 27th September – Sarlat

Film Festival from 10th to the 14th November – Sarlat

La Roque-Gageac

La Roque-Gageac is listed among the most beautiful villages in France, Its southern exposure and the mass of rock provides it with a microclimate that sustains a wonderful Mediterranean garden. The car park by the river is five times the size of the small village, which says much for the popularity of village among tourists; it is well worth a visit.


Shops and café’s Just a few of the many shops and café’s situated at the bottom of the cliff face.


Dordogne River The morning started overcast but the Dordogne River is still magnificent.


Market dayMarket Day is every Friday morning; I was heading for the wine stall.


Some of the nice wines Some of the nice wines on sale were grown and pressed in Monbazillac which is just South of Bergerac, the chateau and vineyards are also worth a visit.


Sloping roofs The sun came out so Paul and I climbed the cliff path, through the tropical gardens and up to the top where you get an excellent view all the way to Castlenaud. The sloping roofs of the ancient village are typical of the Perigord Noir.