Happy New Year

These are just a few of our favourite pictures and memories from our first autumn and Christmas in Daglan.

DSCN0926The colours of autumn – when I went for a walk, walnut picking on the way.


DSCN0950The breakfast treat in Roland Mertz Patisserie that begins our weekly shop in Sarlat.


DSCN0999And in the window, Noel treats


It has been claimed on tripadvisor that Roland Mertz is the best patisserie in the world, we would not disagree with that.


Our first Christmas was wonderful.

DSCN1060aThe flowers are from our new friends who live and work in Daglan, it was such a surprise to receive them. We have met a few couples who have welcomed Paul and I into the village with a kiss on both cheeks.  It is one of the many things that we love about France, another is that total strangers say hello to you, on the street, in shops, doctors etc. If a stranger said hello to you in England or even more strange, ask how you are, you would think that they wanted something from you. But here it is just good manners, which is superb.


DSCN1061aThe gorgeous blue sky by the mill on Christmas Day.


IMG_20151226_142102Christmas afternoon on the veranda with Phoebe and Angel, the temperature was about 15C, all I needed now was a glass of chilled wine and a mince pie.


I will not be posting new blogs for a week or so because I am flying back to England to visit a relative. So a very Happy New Year and if you are in Sarlat on the 16th or 17th January for the Truffle Festival Paul and I will see you there.


I’m a Lumberjack and I’m O.K

One of the many things on my wish list this year was to have a fire in the wood burner in the lounge for Christmas Day, that said we did not know if our wood burning fire would work or not. No idea when it was last inspected or cleaned, so with that in mind we called in a chimney sweep to check it over and give us the bad or good news. Having never seen a chimney sweep before I was ready with the camera on his arrival. He looked like a rugby player and in no time at all he had laid protective sheets, pulled the burner from the fireplace and checked it over, then he inspected and swept the chimney with the help of the most powerful vacuum cleaner I have ever seen. The good news was that with a clean bill of health we could use the wood burner.


DSCN0989Chimney Sweep at work



DSCN1035I’m a lumberjack and I’m O.K, I sleep all night and I work all day.
Paul and the log splitter-what a time saver it has proven to be.


IMG_20151210_173416* * * Happy Holiday Everyone * * *



Star Wars -The Force Awakens

Our first trip to a French Cinema was yesterday afternoon (16th) at the New Rex Cinema in Sarlat and what an experience it was.  After a thirty two year break from Star War’s the original characters were back: Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and of course Harrison Ford (Han Solo). Playing along side Oscar Issac (Poe Dameron), Daisy Ridley (Rey) and the new evil person, Adam Driver (Kylo Ren).


What a superb movie it is, I will not say anything about the plot, except to say that everyone should go and see this movie, it was outstanding.  The moment that Han Solo and Chewbacca stepped onto the Millennium Falcon, the entire cinema fell silent.  To see the actors once more playing their original roles was truly special.  Han Solo of course was the best, but I am bias in that respect, he was awesome all those years ago and he is awesome now.  The new characters were excellent also but I will stop there before I am tempted to say anything about the plot.


The Rex Cinema is the only one in Sarlat showing the English version with French subtitles; by the way there are only two cinemas in Sarlat. The seats were like sitting in a plush arm chair in your own lounge and they even have sofas to sit on,. No seat is numbered so that you can sit anywhere, and they are so comfy.  We were treated to a raffle of Star Wars items before the film started.  Sadly we did not win anything but the couple next to us won cinema tickets to see the movie again.  They were laughing at the prize because they had already seen the movie once in the morning, once in the afternoon with us and they plan to see it a third time with the raffle prize.


If you can make it to the Sarlat Cinema they are selling Star Wars t-shirts and works of art.


This is the artist at work in the foyer creating paintings of the cast and objects from the film, below are a few of her paintings.


The Millennium Falcon



DSCN1053a Darth Vader.

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

The first two pictures were taken at the end of November, our first snow of the year, just a sprinkling but it was there.  To be honest it was a bit of a shock looking out of the window at seven thirty that morning, but us being the rather eccentric English residents of the village, Paul and I had to go out and take photographs.



Le Petite Paris Restaurant. It is closed now for the winter months.



La Square de Liberté – with its light dusting of snow.

The sky was so heavy and white that I expected a lot more snow but according to the owners of the supermarket next door to us, it will arrive in January or February.



This is what followed the following day, freezing frost at -2C and fog.

The fog rolls over the water of the Dordogne River like tumbleweed, a very magical sight.



These look a little like Scottish Highland cattle; they are the most gorgeous colour with huge horns.  The one at the front started to move towards me has I was taking this picture.  Will not say that I was scared but with its very large horns pointed towards me I was back in the car in record time.

By the way the temperature in the mornings has now reached -3C but it rises during the day to about 10C then drops down again after about two o’clock in the afternoon.


Village De Noël‎

Paul and I travelled to Sarlat last Saturday for the Village de Noel.  The weather was -2C with freezing fog but it was well worth the visit for the hot mulled wine alone!

Nearly fifty chalets set in the main car park of the medieval town; featuring the arts and crafts of the Perigord Noir. Everything from macaroons, gingerbread men, clothes, toys to Christmas decorations was on sale from the artisans that made them.  Plus a large skating rink for the young and not so young to enjoy.


The Village De Noël‎ opened on the 5th December to the 31st December.



The car park trees got the make over under the canopy of lights.



Macaroon stall, yum.



There are two taverns, one at the entrance to the village and one in the centre, selling the most delicious hot mulled wine, snacks or hot roast chestnuts.

It was interesting watching the various artisans at work.


This lady was crocheting a hat when we walked by.



Wooden puppets in a variety of sizes.