We drove through Birkenhead tunnel!

I have just returned from a visit to our son who lives in Liverpool, so this post is not about France but still, Liverpool is awesome. It’s one of my favourite cites to visit, it has such a wealth of history, culture and amazing shops.
The barge at the front of this picture was called ‘Imagine’ in memory of the wonderful and thought provoking song by John Lennon. Imagine The large Swan boats are towards the rear of the picture, I would love to have a ride in one of those.

Pirate ShipA pirate Ship was in dock on this very warm and sunny morning.

A New HopeThis band was brilliant they played the Original Cantina Music-A New Hope, which was in the first Star Wars film. You know the scene when Hans Solo is introduced (who could forget) as he gets into a shoot out with Greedo.

Sefton ParkSefton Park in bloom, looking gorgeous in the Oriental part of the grounds.

Ducks in the lakeDucks and other birds near and on the lake.

We drove through Birkenhead tunnel, under the river Mersey, twice, it was amazing I wanted to shout out just like the ‘Virgin Broadband advert’, but I kept almost quiet, although Adam had to listen to me repeating “this is amazing” about fifty times. I will grow up one day… well may be not.


Swapping the Dordogne River for the Mersey!

It was our sons Birthday last Monday so a trip to Liverpool was planned to correspond with his celebrations.  It felt like years since we had seen him when in fact it has only been since January.  We Skype every week or more and phone and text everyday but it is not the same has holding him in your arms for a hug or two.  I know… I’m a big softy.

DSCN1539Jamie Oliver’s Italian restaurant in the heart of Liverpool. Sea Bass and vegetables, yum


DSCN1540For me, squid ink pasta with scallops and cod in a rich peppered sauce.  Although very tasty the sauce did overpower the delicate flavours of the fish but I still loved the meal. I’ve never had squid ink pasta before but I shall certainly try it again in the future.


LiverpoolA cold and extremely wet day at Albert Docks.


DSCN1520Despite the weather we still had a great time.


DSCN1522Côte Bistro in the centre of Liverpool was by far the best restaurant we went too. Could not praise the service and the food enough. Needless to say we sat inside.


DSCN1523Côte Bistro and a terrific breakfast, Happy Birthday Son.


DSCN1534John and Yokos Peace bedspread at the new Liverpool Museum at Pier Head, Liverpool Waterfront, absolutely fabulous and free to enter.


DSCN1535A little blurred I think from excitement at seeing the train, I so love stream trains and this was “Lion”, the first luggage train to run from Liverpool to Manchester. A better picture and information can be found here


Needless to say a brilliant time, the shops oh my goodness and they do not close at twelve! After a good stock up on essentials for France it was time to return to the Perigord.

Thank you so very much Adam for putting up with your old mum for a few days. You are loved lots and lots.