Club De L’Amitie Daglanaise

Le Perigord Hotel and Restaurant

What a good time we all had with the Club De L’Amitie Daglanaise at Le Perigord Restaurant yesterday lunch time. The company, the food and wine were excellent.

We have never been to this Restaurant before, although we pass the hotel and restaurant many times on route to Sarlat, always saying that we must check it out at a later date. So we were very pleased to receive the invitation from the President of the Club De L’Amitie to celebrate the end of the year with a get together over a lunch time meal.

Le Perigord Hotel and Restaurant

I was a little apprehensive when we first received the invitation because I am a vegetarian, but I need not of been concerned, we emailed the restaurant and the chef was delighted to change the menu for me, brilliant.

Here is the menu:-
Aperitif, pretzels
Potage de Saison
Salade Croustillante, De Cabecou Aux Abricots
Roti De Porc Laque Aux Epices, Polenta Cremeuse (The chef prepared fish for me)
Caprice Cenacois
Vin de Bergerac

Pumpkin soupThe soup was pumpkin which was delicious.

The French custom of chabrotThe French custom of chabrot, where you add wine to the last mouthful of soup, swill the soup dish around and then drink it all from the soup dish, was performed by the males on our table. Unsure if women are allowed in the French etiquette to drink from the soup bowel or not, but to be honest I did not fancy finding out, due to the likelihood of spillages.

Salade Croustillante, De Cabecou Aux Abricots I have never tasted cabecou aux apricots (cheese, apricots) in what tasted like a large Chinese square spring roll but with a bread base. It was interesting and very delicious, I will certainly try to make this at home for lunch or as a starter in the future.

My PoissonHere is my fish in a very tasty cream sauce with creamed polenta instead of the pork. I know it’s not a true vegetarian when I will eat fish but it is still often difficult to get a true vegetarian meal in restaurants. If I mention that I am vegetarian the response is usually “Oh madame, mes condoléances” which I find enchaining and very funny.

Caprice CenacoisGateau with nuts and raspberries, served with a chocolate and raspberry sauces. I must admit that I have a sweet tooth, I loved this gateau. Quite often the walnut gateau which is a speciality of the Perigord Noir is often dry but this was delicious and moist with the added raspberries.

Friends of ours from around the village who are great company and always light up my day with their presence.

Enjoying a meal among friends
Salute to you all



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