So Long, Leonard Cohen.

So Long, Leonard Cohen

There have been so many awesome people that have died this year and today I heard about another extremely talented man, Leonard Cohen.

His music and poems will last forever in song, for example… Suzanne, Sisters of Mercy, and my favourites Hallelujah, and Hey That’s No way To Say Goodbye.

A remarkable person.

So Long, Leonard Cohen


6 thoughts on “So Long, Leonard Cohen.

  1. “Suzanne takes you down to her place by the river
    You can hear the boats go by, you can spend the night forever”

    This is unlike today’s lyrics, which are all about status and accomplishment (and entitlement). “Suzanne” is about life, which is why Leonard Cohen’s songs resonated and will always radiate. We’re touched by humanity. Flash comes and goes. Real life sustains.

  2. So sad, yet another one! Your second favourite is one of my particular memories, reminds me of being young,fancy-free and mad in the early seventies!

    My ear worm for the day is “so long Marianne” and I am off to locate “songs from a room”…… what a voice! Like smoky treacle

      • Much of my original LP vinyl is scratched (I keep it for the sleeves!) I have some on cassette tape but the quality of course is terrible.
        I need to get some CD’s for the car as Trev not massive fan of Leonard.
        And I am STILL walking around singing “so long Marianne” .

  3. We went to Sarlat market yesterday which is about forty five minutes from our home and I was singing along with Leonard while Paul was driving. I enjoyed every minute but I can not say the same for Paul. He loves Leonard but he hates my singing. We once had a dog who would join in with my singing or to be honest I think that she was trying to protest!

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