New Year Resolutions.

I do not know about you but I always make a few new year resolutions which seem to fade away by the end of January. However, this year I really mean (this has also been said before) to get fitter, learn more French and improve my embroidery skills. We will see how it goes.

It is always delightful to see the Primary School children who were in the Square a few days ago. At first I thought that it was a treasure hunt, but no… much to the excitement of the children the teachers where attaching coloured paper to the various trees. In fact the trees of Daglan are now decked in new year resolution and wishes signs written by the children. So sweet, Paul and I walked from tree to tree reading them.

dscn2188Quite a few say that they will try to eat less chocolate.

dscn2175Others wish to be kinder to animals or look after animals more. A few promise to look after the old people in the village. Being old(ish) myself I was very pleased with this one. Some wish for peace in Syria and around the world

dscn2172One wishes to reduce pollution, which I thought was brilliant.

What a wonderful idea.

Lastly Paul and I would like to thank the Maire, M. Pascal Dussol and the Committee of Daglan, it was a really nice shock to see our blog mentioned has part of the traditional voeux de Maire speech of the year at the Salle de Fete last night, it was unexpected and indeed an honour.

Events – Truffle Festival in Sarlat on the 14th and 15th January.


4 thoughts on “New Year Resolutions.

  1. Congrats on your blog being mentioned in the Voeux de Marie presentation and for your contribution to the village. What a great idea displaying the local school children’s new year’s resolutions.

  2. I have discovered your wonderful blog. We own a home in Domme and plan to relocate there once I retire next year. We love Daglan and always visit when we are there. We look forward to your future musings and sincerely thank you for them.

    Take care-
    Portland, Oregon U.S.A.

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