One of the most wonderful things about going to our home in France is to see the magical Chateau de Beynac. You drive along side of the Dordogne river round a bend in the road and there it is. Every time I experience this I get the Wow factor, your eyes start at the village at the bottom with its shops and restaurants, and then you are drawn upwards towards the Chateau perched high on the rocks. It is indeed like going back in time to the period of knights and chivalry. But I am an old romantic.


The view from one of our favourite picnic spots

A little bit of history for you now. In the middle ages, Beynac was the seat of one of four baronies in the Perigord. With its narrow medieval streets and Chateau overlooking the river Dordogne the village has lived through many wars and was captured only twice, by Richard Coeur de Lion ( Richard the Lion Heart) and Simon De Montfort.

The Chateau has been used as a set for many films, and the village is equally camera-friendly with its paved streets and steps. There is a path up to the Chateau from the village which is worth the climb to see the views. But there is also a very handy road that takes you up to the Chateau.


The 15th, 16th and 17th-century houses, shops and restaurants.
The road going upwards was used in the film Chocolate.


Another fabulous view of Beynac, you can just see the troglodyte caves in the rock underneath the Chateau.

The 13th century chapel

The 13th century chapel


Gorgeous views from the ramparts

A very large kitchen, you can just see the slope on the right that was used by the knights when they were on horseback. It gives a new meaning to the word, fast food.

The Kitchen at Château de Beynac

The Kitchen at Château de Beynac

The winding river Dordogne

The winding river Dordogne seen from the ramparts at Château de Beynac

The “showboats” are replicas of the flat-bottom boats that sailed along the ‘rivere esperance’ (river of hope), in the 19th century. They float 150 meters by the cliffs and down the river, taking in five of the areas Chateaus (Beynac, Castlenaud, Fayrac, Marqueyssac and Lacoste)

a cruise from Beynac.

One of the flat bottom barges on a cruise from Beynac.

5 thoughts on “Beynac

  1. I’ve taken the gabarre up the Dordogne … fantastic trip. Touring Beynac was one of the highlights, not only the chateau but also the beautiful village at its feet. You have wonderful photos here!

    • Thank you. We are going over to France in May, so I shall post a few more photos when we return to England. I have organised the working holiday around two brocanties and several markets. I know that you like vintage stuff.

    • Hi Bonnie.

      Heading east out of Baynac towards Sarlat, just after to 30KPH area finishes you will see a slipway down to the river. A little further on is grassed area that adjoins the river. There is a single stone bench with wonderful views of the town and the river. It is a bit of a beauty spot and once you visit you will remember it as one of the most photographed spots around.

      This was taken from there.

      We will be there in September too and we are really looking forwarded to it.

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