Reserve Zoologique de Calviac

Rare and Endangered Species

We found the Zoological Reserve by chance on our way home from visiting one of the many Chateaus in the Perigord Noir. About 10Km from Sarlat on the road to Souillac, it is home to about 200 animals and birds from all over the world.

The site is a meandering path through the woodland areas to observe a variety of animals and birds from Europe, Madagascar, the Americas and Oceania that I have never seen before. For example squirrel monkeys, elegant maned wolfs, tapir, lemurs, wallabies, ibis etc. It is a none- profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and is well worth a visit or two.

You can enter most of the aviaries and walk through or past the many animal compounds.

DSCN0166Adorable, to get up close to a Lemur is a real treat.


DSCN0167Female red bellied Lemur, who runs up to you and then sits and stares at you for food, but you are not allowed to feed them, so of she ran after a few minutes.


DSCN0170Squirrel Monkey






DSCN0191Ibis – they seem to wear the masks that people wore in medieval times during the Plaque epidemics, fascinating creatures.

Reserve Zoologique de Calviac

Open from February to September