Full speed ahead

For vintage car enthusiasts the Perigord Noir is a dream come true, for it seems that most weekends during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months you will see a plethora of vintage cars, being driven around from one village to the next. These can be organised rallies, vintage car shows or just for the fun of getting together with fellow enthusiasts to enjoy the ride.

Paul and I were walking back from the post office one morning when we heard a car approaching, on the narrow road we stop to let the cars past, what a delight it was to see the vintage cars.


Just look at the determination on the drivers face, he was second in the event through our village.

Relaxed driving style

This driver was a very laid back in third place. He was waving and smiling at everyone.

what a beauty

This was my favourite car, what a beauty.

Sometimes you will see the driver and passenger dressed in costumes of the time period.

Dressing the part

Dressing the part

This driver was wearing the correct hat, I think it was a little bit warm for the full outfit.