The “first leak(s) of the year”

Well here it is, “two” leaks from the same radiator.

We had collected my sister from Bergerac airport; this was her first visit so I wanted everything to be running smoothly. We had only been in the house a few hours when a small leak was spotted from a radiator pipe. So the water was switched off and the heating system drained, we phoned the plumber and arranged a visit for the next day. No hot water for the shower or the central heating, it was a catastrophe. However the plumber came as promised and he fixed the leak, replenished the system, checked everything out, the water was back, brilliant. A few minutes after the plumber had left we heard the dreadful sound of gushing water from the same place, the newly soldered joint had given way and within a few minutes we had a large lake in the lounge area and a spout of water squirting up the newly painted wall. The water was switched off once more and the system drained. After the clean up, came various attempts to call the plumber, who was not answering, perhaps on another job. This was followed by running around to friends in the village to ask if anyone could recommend an emergency plumber.

Fabrice and his wife Sam came to the rescue, they phoned various plumbers for us and one came around the following day to fix the leak. A very large thank you to Sam and Fabrice, they were there for us and it was so appreciated. It is times like this when you really appreciate the community spirit of the village. And also a special thanks to M. Valette of Chauffage S.Valette of Cénac-et-Saint-Julien. It is these situations that really reinforce the need to improve our French. We have asked our tutor to cover emergency services with us, especially how to phone a plumber when you have an indoor swimming pool! She is going to cover these all to common situations this week – I hope.

Leaking radiator

The offending radiator, the leak sprang from the pipe where it entered the thermostat

On a positive note, before the leaks we did manage to put up a new shelves in the kitchen.

Kitchen shelves

Paul says it was a DIY task of epic proportions.

The kitchen is getting there slowly, gone are the orange walls and we have new shelves, we only need new cupboard doors and the worktop replacing. The worktop is a job for next month.