Le Croquant de Sarlat.

Le Croquant de Sarlat is a dry and crunchy, caramelised sugar ‘biscuit’ like treat, often made with almonds or walnuts. It is mainly made in the South West of France with each pâtisserie having their own, closely guarded variation on the recipe.

It was only a couple of months ago that Paul and I first saw these biscuits at Pâtisserie Massoulier in Sarlat so, feeling the need to assuage a sweet tooth we just had to try them.

Croquant is French for crisp or crunchy, the ‘biscuit’ is often named ‘crunchy Perigord’ and they are delicious.

The ‘biscuits’ may be large or small, plain or with nuts.

They are something like a brittle, hard and perfect to crumble over ice cream, layered into parfaits, or to eat as they are.

More tempting delights at Pâtisserie Massoulier.
33 Rue de la République, 24200 Sarlat-la-Canéda.
Event:-. The bunting and flags are flying, the Bumper Cars are all set up to go in La Place de La Liberty. Daglan Fête starts on Friday 18th August.


Now for something yummy.

The Newly decorated and renamed Pâtisserie Massoulier (ex Roland Mertz ) is to be found at 33 Rue de la République in Sarlat. It is the kind of shop that you just have to stop and take pictures, the window display is always a cake lovers artistry and everything they sell is so delicious I could buy the lot but my waist band and my bank account would not allow it.

Pâtisserie MassoulierSo yummy


dscn2343Rows and rows of hand made chocolates for every occasion

dscn2342Sorry I think that I got a little side tracked, here is a little of the new décor, furniture and fittings.

dscn2340Just about to eat breakfast. Besides wonderful gateau they also serve excellent coffee, a wide variety of teas, real hot chocolate, fresh squeezed orange juice and of course, delicious pastries.

Wow… This is my time of year

Sarlat Chocolate FestivalChocolate Festival in Sarlat on 11 and 12th March, at the Ancien Evêché, next to the tourist office on Place du Payrou.

A few of our favourite things

When you reach the last month of the year it is time to reflect upon the last year and our time spent in the beautiful Perigord/Daglan: the friendly people who always stop and say hello, the gorgeous countryside, medieval villages, fresh food, sunshine the list goes on.

So here are just a few of our favourite things.

 Gorgeous vibrant colours of the flowers

Gorgeous vibrant colours of the flowers

We love the wine and liquors of the area. However, I do think that the lady below has had just a few too many grapes!

a few too many

a few too many

This is one of our favourite Patisseries, Maison Carré at Castlenaud.

One look and we had to buy a few.

One look and we had to buy a few.

My mouth is watering just looking at the picture.

Truly delicious

Truly delicious pâtisserie

This will be our last ‘blog’ until January, so Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noel) to everyone, and thank you so much for reading our ‘blog’ the comments were unexpected but really appreciated. When I first started to write a ‘blog’ I did not think that many people would read it, I was presently surprised.

Thank you and seasons greetings

Phoebe under our tree at home, she always finds her own present and patiently waits for the big day

Is it Christmas yet?

Is it Christmas yet?