Good News, we can still buy French bread!

There is no milk in our supermarket in Daglan. In-fact no milk and no deliveries of most things will be arriving in any Supermarket for at least another week but local bread is still being delivered.

France’s major strike by the Gilets Jaunes (yellow vests) is having an effect on the Perigord area in which we live. The Gilets Jaunes are protesting against sharp increases in diesel and petrol prices which could come into force in January. This impacts on the overall rising costs of food etc. and therefore the fall in living standards for a lot of people.

We experienced the strike first hand this morning has we drove to Sarlat market. The roundabouts at two major junctions were very active with people wearing yellow vests, but traffic was flowing. On the way back from Sarlat we observed protesters who were stopping traffic going into Sarlat. Unsure for how long the delay was but expect some delays over the next few days.

More news, you can still buy local fresh vegetables and fruit at the markets… That is if you can get to them.

Excellent News for me this week. I have had my first Commission for my artisan embroidery work.

Truffles and truffle oil.

Walnuts in a wicker basket.

I am so trilled, excited and so very pleased that the person who commissioned me loves the embroidery pictures which will go into her two gites named “Walnut” and “Truffle”.

I am working towards an exhibition in Daglan next July and August. Which will cover a variety of themes and local interest, plus embroidered bags, cushions, pillow cases, lavender hearts etc.

Event:-Sarlat Marché de Noël, 5th to the 31st December. This years theme is Spain, I can not wait.

Daglan Noel

I am so excited that our first Christmas in Daglan has started early with the village decorations.

DSCN0998Santa caught in Medusa’s grip!

It is actually a large tree at the front of La Petite Paris Restaurant with all of its branches cut off. They are cut every autumn and it works, the tree will grow excellent foliage next year.

DSCN1006What a gorgeous tree, truly awesome.

IMG_20151201_174612This was taken from our balcony last night; the decoration straggles the distance from our home to our neighbours over the road.

IMG_20151201_174506Magnificent-covered in glitter, red and gold baubles and lights.

Places to visit in December and January:-

Sarlat village de Noel, from the 5th December to the 31st December, which has an outdoor skating rink and up to fifty wooden chalets selling arts and crafts: chocolates, mulled wine, roast chestnuts, a house for Father Christmas and a giant advent calendar.

St Cyprien on the 19th December has a Noel de la Mairie, which is a village pageant through the main street.

Sarlat Truffle Festival starts on the 16th January to the 17th January at Place de La Liberté.

Sarlat Christmas Market

Marché de Noel

For anyone traveling to France in December the one thing that you must see is a Christmas market they are pure delight. Our first visit to the Christmas market in Sarlat was in 2010 (the year that we signed for our property). Every street was lined with ‘real’ Christmas trees decorated with large red bows and glistening with lighting it was magical.

The Christmas village in Sarlat starts at the beginning of December for three weeks, consisting of forty two wooden chalets which are set around the medieval city and the car park. With stall after stall selling macaroons, chesses, nougats, clothes, toys, art and crafts, winter hats and gloves and my favorite mulled wine or beer to warm the shoppers on a cold day or night. There is also an ice rink, a toy library, circus performances, music and of course plenty of lights and Father Christmas. In short something for everyone.

The Christmas Village

The Christmas Village

This stall is selling candy to decorate the Christmas tree

candy Christmas decorations

candy Christmas decorations

All of the trees in the car park are decorated, truly a magical sight for the skaters below.

decorated trees

decorated trees

Under a canopy of light you can shop around for that extra special something.

canopy of light

canopy of light

I love this stall full of sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, handbags and belts.

Sarlat market stall

Sarlat market stall