La Galette

La Galette is an ancient French traditional cake which is said to bring good luck for the coming year. It is a puff pastry filled with apple or almond frangipane which you can buy from Boulangerie all over France until the end of January.

After cutting it, under a towel the slices are given to members of the family or friends. Or you can ask everyone what slice of the cake you would like.

Baked inside the galette is a “feve”, it used to be a bean or a chick pea, but now it is a small figure made of porcelain or plastic. If you find the “feve” in your slice of galette you become King or Queen for the day in your home and can wear the crown. Tradition dictates that you can have a rest day while other people work for you.

This Galette symbolises the gifts brought to baby Jesus by the Kings.

DSCN1070aThe galette comes in various sizes which are adorned with sugar crystals or crystallised fruits.


DSCN1075aThis is our galette.


La GalettePaul found the feve in his first slice, it’s a mini porcelain Faberge style egg, which we are going to keep; it will be the first of what will no doubt be a growing collection over the years.

Bonne Année