Garage Fire in Cenac.

The car body and paint workshop on the Grand Rue in Cénac was completely destroyed by fire last Monday, October 1st, the fire broke out around 19:00. Several gas and acetylene bottles exploded making firefighter’s work very difficult. Forty men were called to control the incident.

The facade of the building facing the Grand Rue is unstable and in danger of collapsing, a security perimeter has been set up reducing the road to single lane.

These pictures were taken the following morning.

Such a mess. I am so glad to say that no one was injured.


Vide-Grenier – 7th October, eight am until six pm, Salle des Fêtes de St Cybranet.


Fire at Daglan Village.

Yesterday afternoon Paul and I heard two fire engines go by our home at full speed with blue lights and sirens. It was not until this morning when we where going out of the village on the road to Castelnaud that we were able to see the cause, a house fire had devastated this property.

Fire at Daglan VillageThe roof and the interior, all gone.

As you can see a terrible mess, it looks like only the stone walls are left. Thank goodness no one was hurt, I believe that it is a holiday home and was unoccupied, a great shock for the owners.

A terrible loss.A terrible loss.

There was a fire in a property along the lane which runs next to our home a few years ago. The owners had recently finished renovating the property when they were informed of the fire.