About ten Kilometres from our home in France are the gorgeous castles of Castelnaud and Beynac, which face each other over the Dordogne River. Today’s blog is about Castelnaud, I shall write about Beynac in a later blog.


Castelnaud seen from the bridge

First mentioned in 1214, when the Cathar owner was chased out by Simon de Montfort, its later rulers, the Caumonts, stuck with the English, who built the keep as a base to which they could terrorise the surrounding countryside. It is well worth a visit for its armoury, artillery tower, cannons, guns, crossbows, trebuchets, furniture and costume. There is a very nice restaurant, a café and several shops in the village (Castelnaud-la-Chapelle) near the castle.

This is another view taken from the opposite side of the castle, which clearly shows one of the trebuchet.



This is me trying to load one of the trebuchets. Trying is the right word.

A trebuchet

A trebuchet and me


A picnic below the castle

The river Dordogne runs past Castelnaud this picture was taken last September, the temperature had reached 28C, so we decided to take a break from painting the property to have a picnic.

The bridge at Castelnaud

The bridge at Castelnaud

In the tourist season canoeists take advantage of the beautiful views along the river,

Canoeists take advantage of the beautiful views along the river

Canoeists on the River Dordogne

We spent the time watching them go by while we had our picnic. It’s a lovely way to spend a couple of hours

The dordigne-river

The River Dordigne at Castelnaud-la-Chapelle

One of the local wildlife on the banks of the Dordogne river.

Local Wildlife