Lake Garda in the bedroom

Well, we had decorated all of the bedrooms the previous year and drained all of the radiators for the cold winter period, however we did not expect Lake Garda on our return to our home in France the following May. We had been in our home about twenty minutes, Paul had turned on the water, when on looking up at the light fitting in our lounge said, “There is water coming from the light fitting”. At which point, he ran to turn everything off, and Adam and I ran upstairs. This is what we saw, an indoor Lake Garda, complete with a water fall.

Lake Garda in the bedroom

Lake Garda

The radiator had exploded because the small amount of water left in the bottom of the radiator had frozen during an intensely cold snap in the winter months -18C for nearly two weeks.

The bed had to be covered, on top and underneath and the two carpets pulled up and taken away. Paul ran to our friends for help, they in turn arranged for a plumber to come to inspect the damage. I cannot thank Loren and Jan enough in their help over the next few days we would have been lost without them.

Removing the sodden carprt

Starting to remove the sodden carprt

Underneath the carpets, (which I am sure was glued down with superglue) was a substance called screed (like a concrete skin), that only comes off a centimetre at a time.

Carpets seemd to be fixed with superglue

Carpets seemd to be fixed with superglue

This is sparky, (Paul), cutting through the radiator, even cut into four sections the radiator was so incredibly heavy it took two people to carry each section down stairs. We had to decorate once more and order a new radiator.