Muguet (Lily of the Valley)

It is traditional on the 1st May to give loved ones a sprig or a bunch of Muguet to celebrate May Day which is sometimes called the Féte du Muguet or just for luck.  The tradition dates back to the turn of the century when people made a little extra money from the sale of the flower. Today they are found in markets and supermarkets; we bought our Muguet outside the Boulangerie/Patisserie at Castlenaud last Sunday, where students were selling the flower for charity. There is no tax to pay on Muguet sold on the 1st May which helps.

Lily of the Valley

I must say that the perfume from the flower is absolutely gorgeous it permeates the downstairs area of our lounge beautifully.

In Pagan times people adorned themselves with Muguet to celebrate the new season and to invoke the good graces of the god Beltane for good harvests.