All For Socks a new novel from Adam Vickerstaff our Son!

A quick review of our son’s book which you can buy on Amazon, its great, I read it twice!

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It is also in the Kindle edition.

The book deals with the problems of a young boy, his parents break up, moving home and of course the disappearing socks from his bedroom, deep under his bed. This mix of reality and fantasy, intertwined with the excellent characterisation make for a thoroughly enjoyable read.

Check out the illustrations, Adam got his inspiration for the buildings from the many Perigord hamlets in the Perigord Noir. I particularly like the creatures in the book.

Here is one of them


And here is a picture of our copy!


And here is the blurb

Since the invention of the sock mankind has wondered where they all disappear. That is until Thomas discovers the disappearing sock epidemic. Following his last sock with his sidekick Teddy, they are flung on an adventure through a secret hidden trap door deep under the bed. In a place few children have seen and torn between his own courage and humility, he must pit his wits against the single mindedness of the Sock Herders. But then… “if it don’t know you’re scared of it, it will be scared of you…” Or so they say.

All for Socks

All for Socks

Paul’s opinion. Adam has been writing this book for a few years but has not let me read any pre-publication work so that I would get my first impression just as any reader would. When the book arrived the struggle for who would read it first was won by Chris and not until a few days later was it was my turn. From the very first page the excitement and emotion is vivid. The characters are mysterious, meaningful and often humorous, the artwork is very good throughout and the story is a believable fantasy.

Adam has woven a story based on his childhood ideas of an under bed realm which has expanded to depths far below any child’s bed. A good read for any age but for younger children, be advised, there are some dark elements.