Belves Revisited.

Every Saturday in Belves is market day where you can buy fresh produce, clothes and craft wares. Belves is one of our favourite medieval towns to visit, on this particular day we headed first to the tourist office and secondly to the wine and beer store which is run by our two friends Graham and Damon.

13th Century Belves on Market Day.


At the Tourist Office.we were looking for information about the Medieval Festival which reopened once more last year after an absence because of Covid. It was a brilliant fun day last year, you are transported back in time to the Medieval Period to enjoy the costumes, musicians, dance and more, follow the parade through the streets of Belves and drink in the atmosphere. That is not all, there is also a Medieval Market where local and ancient crafts can be seen and bought.

This year the Medieval Festival will take place on Sunday 7th August. Watch this pace for further information, but we can highly recommend a visit.

Our second call of the day was to Plonk and Plus which is owned by two friends of ours Graham and Damon who know everything that you will ever need to know about the wines and beers from the local area, it is always well worth a visit.


And here we see a little Hobbit (me) standing along side Graham, who gave us a glimpse into his extensive knowledge of wines.


On the left a Rosé and on the right is a dry White Wine We have not tasted these before but both are highly recommended so I shall let you know in a future blog.


Graham and Damon also own Planches and Plonk which is a cheese and wine bar that can be found at 34 Rue Jacques Manchotte. All produce is made by local, independent producers. Again well worth a visit to enjoy a glass or two of excellent wine and a selection of their gorgeous cheeses. Or you can stay longer in their bed and breakfast accommodation where you can explore more of Belves and the Perigord region.


Terre Sauvage.

This is the recently opened Terre Sauvage shop which is also situated on the main shopping street in Belves.


It is where a local artist displays his work. I particularly like the skill which is evident in the animal and bird creations on display, made from recycled metal and you can buy at a reasonable price.

The artist has captured the birds brilliantly in these two works of art.




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