Signs Of Spring.

Spring is to be seen here with the arrival of blossom on our apple tree in the courtyard. We won the apple tree a few years ago at the Daglan Spring Festival. Thinking that we had won a small plant it came as a great surprise when it turned out to be a tree. But we are so glad that we did for it producers tasty apples every year. The apples are unique to this area, developed by a grower in St PomPon, they are quite small, sweet and tasty. We do not have the space to plant it in the ground so it resides in a large pot.

Apple tree full of blossom.

A close up of one of the pink and white apple blossoms.

The strawberry plants have all started to produce flowers, which means that the first crop of fruit should be ready to eat in May.

A slower start to the grape vines this Spring which have been hampered by the recent sharp frosts that we have be getting lately.

I just had to include Angel who follows the sun around the courtyard. Here she is sitting at the bottom of the apple tree.


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