The Chill of Winter.

This week has seen an increase in the chill factor in our area, with morning temperatures raging from -2c to -6c, and not improving much as the day progressed. It is so cold that it has frozen the water pump which connects to our well. Angel (our cat) is reluctant to venture outside and seems to spend much of her time sitting on top of a radiator or in front of the fire.

It is still a gorgeous place to live with each season bringing stunning vistas of the area which change as the months go by. Now we see frost covered fields peppered with bright red berries in the hedgerows.

The sun was just starting to show its face as we drove out of the village when we took this picture.

The following day I opened the shutters at 7:30 to find snow on the balcony and the streets below. Although it was a little warmer than the previous few days the water in the bottles was a block of ice.

Snow doesn’t usually last very long here in the Ceou valley, this picture was taken soon after eight thirty with the snow melting away. But we could see a sprinkling of snow on the roof tops for the rest of the day.

We wish you a Very Happy New Year.

Stay safe and healthy.

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