Praise for the French Health and Veterinary Services.

We have had a bit of everything this week but things are getting better. First my husband Paul had to have more tests at a excellent Jean Coulon hospital in Gourdon. Paul had an operation for prostate cancer a year ago, which I am pleased to say was a great success, he is now cancer free. But when more tests were needed this week due to passing a little blood, we were both worried once more. However, so pleased to report that after the tests were completed no cancer was found. Wow, de-stress was needed in the form of Yoga and a drink or two.

Secondly our little Angel was so ill last weekend that a visit to the Veterinary Clinic in Gourdon was needed first thing Monday morning. I hate going to any vets just in case it is bad news. However, the vet gave her a good checking over, Angel purred at the vets ministrations, she loves to have a massage and seems almost pleased to see him. No temperature and after two injections she was able to run back to her pet carrier. So armed with medication and a big sign of relief, we all returned home. More Yoga and more de-stress.

Angel is still not a hundred percent but she is slowly getting better each day and is now able now to go outside to relax in the sunshine.

And, unsuccessfully, hide in her box.

The veterinary service that we use is called Clinique Veterinaire Des Fauvettes on Route de Salviac in Gourdon. We highly recommend the service to everyone. Their help and advice is second to none.

They cover domestic and farm animals and are open everyday but Sunday. They have two consulting rooms, an ultra sound consulting room, x-ray, digital camera, surgery room for domestic and another room for farm animals, recovery rooms plus stables and paddock at the rear. There is a very handy shop in the reception area were you can buy a variety of products, for example food, dietary needs, medicine and pet toys etc.

Angel with her “I do not feel well” look on her face.

Glad to say that she is eating now and looking more like her normal self.

Bless her.


Vide Grenier at Saint Cybranet, 8:00 to 18:00 on 7th October


Something New to Castlenaud, Knights Time with Massenie de Saint-Michel. The leisure activities and entertainments for the Lords and Ladies in the Medieval Period. 27th and 28th October.

Sarlat Movie Festival 17th and 18th November.


7 thoughts on “Praise for the French Health and Veterinary Services.

  1. You must be so relieved to have had good news twice in the past week! Your blog is so helpful and I enjoy reading about what is happening in an area we will soon call home. We are in the process of buying a house in Carsac-Aillac and are soaking up all the local knowledge we can. Previously we had used the vet in Sarlat but now have your recommendation on our radar. I haven’t quite got round to hospitals yet other than making sure there is one in Sarlat. Might be needed when we start house renovations! It’s good to see how you are enjoying your French dream. 🙂

    • Deb,
      My husband developed a bad infection from a cut on his finger when we were in Sarlat last year. We went to emergency at the hospital on a Sunday and were treated very well. Fortunately there was a doctor there who spoke English. A surgeon was called and he came in on his day off to check it out. He scheduled us for surgery the next day around lunchtime. Scheduled a daily home visit from a nurse for dressing changes and saw us again at the end of the week. Even looked for a nursing service at our next destination of Dinan in case we needed it. We were charged very little for the surgery and the nursing visits. Although not a serious medical situation, we were very comfortable and happy with the service there.

      • A few years ago I had a fall down the stairs at our home, not badly thank goodness. But we were so surprised when we arrives at the hospital in Sarlat, no waiting, x rays and results right away. It was brilliant.
        The service was second to none with Paul’s operation and after care. Although you hope that you do not need the service it is good to know that the service is so good here. It puts your mind at rest.

  2. It’s very reassuring to hear how good the care is there for both people and animals 🙂 We have been trying to secure “our” Carsac house since we first saw it in May this year. Another buyer got in ahead of us but after a couple of months that fell through leaving the way open for us. We are about 1 week away from signing the Compromis and once that’s done I think I’ll relax for the first time in months! We have friends near Carlux, they moved there full time about 2 years ago and weirdly another couple in our village here have been looking at property in Domme. I don’t think we’ll miss people from home, we’ll be surrounded by them!

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