A Pomegranate Tree and ZZ Tops!

A rare combination I know, but wow, a pomegranate tree fruiting in The Place de la Liberte, I have never seen a pomegranate tree before. Yes, I really must get out more.

Looking truly delicious.

Sunday morning market in Daglan
Full of tempting delights. I can highly recommend the goats cheese.

Vide Grenier (empty attic)
I am still looking for a suitable box for my embroidery silks. The Vide Grenier in Daglan gave me a chance to continue my search, I did find one box but it was just too big, will keep on looking.

“Just need to tidy up then I am ready”.

This vendors magnificent beard reminded me of ZZ Tops. His stall displayed the most amazing coffee grinders and an antique Chinese vase.

We are very sorry that we could not attend the musical evening last night, hoping that everyone had a brilliant time.

The 8 à Huit Supermarket in Daglan will be closed from the 1st to the 8th October.

3 thoughts on “A Pomegranate Tree and ZZ Tops!

  1. Good afternoon,

    My wife and I visited Daglan this afternoon and I parked facing that very tree. My wife said , look A pomegranate tree, sadly, to which I replied Non! We just arrived back at our sons house in Saint Cyprien , opened my email and there you are putting me to the sword with an Opening picture of the pomegranate tree, I just can’t win for losing. Love your weekly blog When we are home in Toronto.

    Kindest regards Brian and Helen

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    tel 905-475-2779


  2. We’ve been back home in Blighty for several weeks now. Seeing your post brings back so many happy memories, and of course a tinge of sadness that we are not still in Castelnaud/Daglan. Thank you for what you do with this ‘blog’. It is very much appreciated.

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