What? No men in high heels!

Le Fête de la Saint-Louis is a Fantastic Carnival weekend held at the end of August each year in Daglan. It transforms the the usually quiet village of Daglan into a four day Festival. The highlight of which is always the parade on a Sunday afternoon. The costumes and floats are amazing.

I must tell you a little story of what happened a few years ago when the theme of the parade was Carnival. The Familia decided to make the most fantastic float with men and ladies costumes for which they needed high heel shoes but found they were rather expensive in France. So one of the family members was sent over to England to buy the shoes. Once inside the store the person had to try on the shoes! Which was funny to the bemused crowd of onlookers and a little embarrassing for the person and for the store assistant who insisted “they suit you sir”. Having posted the shoes to Daglan he was informed that more shoes were needed. This time he went to the store just before closing time to avoid onlookers. All well and good until his return flight when he had to explain to a customs officer about the contents of his luggage.

No high heels needed this year, the theme was Video Games.

Los Amigos lead the parade through the streets of Daglan.

Look I am so strong I can stop the parade with one littler finger.

The best floats of the parade were Street Fighterand The Ninja Turtles of the Daglan Mairie.

Looking awesome.

Super Mario.

Impromptu concert in the street.

Magnificent guys but you do need to sort out your bra.

Cheers Richard and Rosemary enjoying a drink at la Cantine after the parade yesterday.


Event:- this evening at nine o’clock the village is holding a Bal Musette with music by Los Amigos, entrance is free.

7 thoughts on “What? No men in high heels!

  1. Hi,
    I am very sure that is my story re the highheels , I havn’t told it that often that I actually know its mine. Ok so…. a few discrepancies… I’m irish and I live in london married into one of the oldest families in the village. That year was a great year, our char which is the best and most imaginative everytime except for the horse of troy which was magnificent a few years ago. I digress. Our char/float that year was carwash in the theme of automobile. It was pretty fantastic we had the shell of a 4 horses and brought it to life ,put a sound system inside it and a bubble machine on the back. Our twist was the women dressed as men (mechanics)men dressed as women. Such stress to find wide fitting reasonable value high heels.I got my pair of size 10s in primark,it was pretty amusing for the onlookers. When I sent a picture of my shoes via our familia whatsup,yeap allthe boys wanted theirs. So it is true I returned to primark at 10 to 10 the evening before my departure. And my suitcase was indeed full of high heels with no room for holiday clothes. Thankfully I wasnt searched by customs. Although you.must be allowed artistic privilege, I must say our float is not the rugby float, our float is the familia float. That was an insult. By the way I was the green fellow this year, the theme was video games and our float was streetfighter ,each of the participants on our char/float was an actual character from streetfighter. There is no way that teenage mutant ninja turtles beat us. Seriously, we had flares, smoke grenades, water ballons, unique costumes and a UFC fighting cage on top of a car. Turtles the best, your having a laugh. Its the maires float, ye must be after planning permission. We were clearly the best float by a mile and a half with Fifa 2 , mario 3 then just then turtles , phhiff , please adjust your blog , familia float

    • We have corrected our blog for you. Yes, yours was an excellent float which I have added to being joint awesome. However, I still love the Ninja Turtles not for the fact that it was from the Marie but because it reminded me of when our son was a child and we would watch the Turtles together. A happy memory. Still love the story about the shoes.

      • Thanksfor the correction, I had a rethink although ninja turtles isnt a computer game, the stencils had to be made, the pictures had to be painted Nd the outfits had to be ordered. My son said that the best float was the dancing float.in reference to the high heels, thats only half of the story, we wore breasts and hotpants. There was a great dilemma in the quality of the breasts, nevermind the sizing of the hotpants , women to men which meant trying on etc. It was an actual minefield !!

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