There and back again.

Our regular Sunday morning consists of a trip to St Cyprien market with a stop in
Castelnaud-la-Chapelle for a picnic breakfast on the banks of the River Dordogne.

Last Sunday morning the Montgolfier’s were out in force, rising like smoke over the hills.

It must be such a brilliant view across the Ceou valley from the balloons. But not for me, I’m too afraid of heights to open my eyes and admire the vista of the country side below.

Arriving in the car park we noticed a new sculpture being worked.

Can just see the dog at its masters feet in front of the figure being sculpted.

The Summer bunting provides a little shade.
Spots everywhere, there are over 300,000 of these rosettes covering the streets of St Cyprien.

On our return I could not resist a sunflower picture.
The brilliant yellow always reminds me of watching the Tour de France on TV when I lived in England.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Next blog, the Grand Gastronomie market which will be in Daglan this Sunday.


3 thoughts on “There and back again.

  1. Hi Chris, actually my wife & I did the balloon ride across the valley 2 weeks ago for our 25th anniversary and it was brilliant! As the balloon moves at the same speed as the breeze, there is no sensation of movement at all and the basket is so heavy as to be perfectly stable (it doesnt “move” either). Well worth the experience if only once. Also we did take your earlier advice and did the Castelnaud to Daglan bike rental…had a great time despite not being on a bike since primary school (was a bit sore next day though). I had intended to contact you to see if we could meet up in Daglan, but the bike trip was a last min thing. Had a nice picnic in Daglan in the little park by the river. Oh, I have a 2 min video clip of the balloon trip as we passed over the Marquassac Gardens on Facebook if you can view it.
    -cheers Paul (now back in boring old Toronto)

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