This blog is about a beautiful village just a couple of miles from Cambridge which I visited a few weeks ago. I wanted to visit for two reasons: first to see the church and the cottages which were depicted in the television series “Grantchester” which was adapted from James Runcies “The Grantchester Mysteries”. Secondly to visit “The Orchard” were in 1897 a group of students persuaded the owner of the apple orchard to serve them tea. After which it became a regular meeting place for everyone including “The Grantchester Group”, Rupert Brooke and Virginia Wolfe where just two of the people who sat for hours drinking tea and exchanging ideas.

The famous Grantchester Group.

Virginia Wolfe and Rupert Brooke sitting in the apple orchard. It is such a beautiful spot still today where you can buy tea, scones, etc. and sit under the gorgeous apple trees.

Statue of Rupert Brooke in the grounds of the Manor House. According to legend, an underground passage is said to run from the Manor House to Kings College. It is also said that a fiddler who offered to play his fiddle while walking through the passage started to walk and was never seen again.

Chocolate Box houses meander through the village.

Grantchester is also famous for “Grantchester Meadows” (composed and sung by Roger Waters) a member of Pink Floyd. One other band member David Gilmour, who lived in the village a few years later composed the song “Fat Old Sun” which also related to the village.

St Andrew and St Mary Church.

A picture taken from the ITV series Grantchester. The actors from the television series would hire bikes from the train station in Cambridge and ride to Grantchester.

Events to look forward to:-

9th June across France is National Rosé  Day. What a great excuse to crack open a bottle. If an excuse is needed of course.

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