Le Croquant de Sarlat.

Le Croquant de Sarlat is a dry and crunchy, caramelised sugar ‘biscuit’ like treat, often made with almonds or walnuts. It is mainly made in the South West of France with each pâtisserie having their own, closely guarded variation on the recipe.

It was only a couple of months ago that Paul and I first saw these biscuits at Pâtisserie Massoulier in Sarlat so, feeling the need to assuage a sweet tooth we just had to try them.

Croquant is French for crisp or crunchy, the ‘biscuit’ is often named ‘crunchy Perigord’ and they are delicious.

The ‘biscuits’ may be large or small, plain or with nuts.

They are something like a brittle, hard and perfect to crumble over ice cream, layered into parfaits, or to eat as they are.

More tempting delights at Pâtisserie Massoulier.
33 Rue de la République, 24200 Sarlat-la-Canéda.
Event:-. The bunting and flags are flying, the Bumper Cars are all set up to go in La Place de La Liberty. Daglan Fête starts on Friday 18th August.



5 thoughts on “Le Croquant de Sarlat.

    • Thank you for your comment. You asked me about plants for your home. We are still unsure what to plant and what not to plant. A good tip is to look around the area and make a note of what the local people are planting and if the plants are in full sun or shade. I love the smell of lavender and rosemary. Roses grow well here and wisteria. Love your blog, take care and enjoy the sun

      • Yes, I plan to include all four of those options!

        My neighbours aren’t as big on decorative planting out front like in your village. More interested in growing cherries and tomato’s in their allotments!

  1. I love how you can find certain pastries/baked items in patisseries/boulangeries in one part of France that you won’t find anywhere else in the country. Oh, and I LOVE french fetes!

    My husband and I visited Dordogne a decade ago…your blog just reminds me that a return visit is long overdue — at least it’ll get us beyond Provence!

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