Christmas has arrived in Daglan

I so love Christmas and yesterday was, for me, the official start of festivities, the Christmas tree in the village square was put up and decorated.

The village of Daglan started preparing for Christmas several days ago with council workers placing decorative lights around the village, stringing lights up in several prominent trees and of course the careful placing of Santa’s sledge in the branches of the tree outside Le Petit Paris restaurant. Logically the last thing to be put up is the Christmas tree and what a magnificent example it is.

pull me, push you pictureI think that we should call this picture the pull me, push you picture.


Whatever you do don't let go“What ever you do don’t let go”


expert pole manIn place and ready for the expert pole man.
I wonder if he will be available when we decorate our tree!


nigh timeSuperb, such a magnificent tree.


Event:- Sarlat Christmas Market which is now open until the end of December. I will write about it in our next blog.



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