Armistice Day

Unfortunately I was not well enough to attend the meeting of the villagers for Armistice Day, so Paul attended for both of us and this is his first blog, brilliant.

At 11:30 we gathered in front of Daglan War Memorial, I must say that it was a good turn out, we have been present in Daglan three times for the Armistice Day commemoration, today was the most well attended. Gathered in front of the War Memorial
First the Flag was raised and our Mayor, Pascal Dussol, gave a short speech before a two minute silence and then the names of each of those who died for France during the first World War was solemnly read out aloud.Mayor, Pascal Dussol
Then the focus fell onto the children of the village who each in turn read one line from a commemoration passage before singing two songs. The children of the village
I found the reading of the names to be a very sombre few minutes, There are none alive today who knew any those people who gave their lives for France so it was especially touching that the children were given such a big part to play in the commemoration. They made the ceremony very moving indeed.

We then moved on to the cemetery where the graves of some of those who died in the Great War can be seen. Also an emotional moment because all the chrysanthemums laid on All Saints Day were in full colour.


3rd December Truffle Market in Sarlat.

7th December to the 30th December the Christmas Market and outdoor skating ring at Sarlat.


2 thoughts on “Armistice Day

  1. A great first attempt Paul, well done. I love the way the local school children are included in all the events in our special little village. The various sculptures they created during the summer that now appear throughout the village is another example. I too find it interesting to visit the graveyard and see how many family names are still a part of every day life here in Daglan. I love living here. Wishing Chris a speedy recovery.

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